Christmas Day

Christmas Day dawned beautiful and mild. After a relaxed morning–with personal Bible time and exercise–Dad and Jesse made breakfast. It’s been a tradition that the guys make Christmas breakfast.

Meanwhile, Anna and I worked on disguising Mary’s gift. Our family has some very good guessers, so unless one disguises the present (hint: wrapping a gift in the original box is not a good enough disguise), the recipient might just guess it. Mary also baked more cookies for the police force as we like to give them a cookie basket on Christmas! The girls had already worked on making some of the cookies earlier.

We love putting time and thought into finding the right gift for each other.

How was your Christmas celebration? I’d like to know!


Mary putting final touches on the cookie treats
Practical gift of workout shoes
The disguised gift
One of my gifts sent me on a treasure hunt.
The end result was upstairs under a bed where the gift was — a new exercise mat!
Running socks!

“That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest
obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him:
for he is thy
life, and the length of thy days …”
Deuteronomy 30:20

20 thoughts on “Christmas Day”

  1. What a sweet idea, giving cookies to your police force! I’ll keep that in mind this year!

    1. Here we are able to call the police department on Christmas Day when the cookies are out of the oven and individually wrapped, and they have an officer stop by to pick them up.

    1. When we were traveling and speaking more, we often had matching outfits for the girls and me. We don’t do that any more. I purchased the vests last year on a great after-Christmas sale to give them this year, and that color was the only one in the small size the girls need. I enjoyed seeing them again in something that matches although seldom so far have they worn them on the same day.

  2. I was curious…did you make the wooden sign hanging on the wall in a couple of pics that begins with “He is no fool…”? If so, it is beautiful!

  3. Every year I have always asked my children what activites would really say Christmas to them this year and I make those a priority in my schedule. So blessed this year to have my almost-17-year-old son and almost 15-year-old daughter (Yes Teri Maxwell, Canadian Mom’s children are that big now) say to me, “Mom, we want family time.” Long ago I read your “Keeping Our Children’s Hearts” and this is the fruit of that book. How many teenagers dislike spending time with their parents and here mine are wanting only family time. Praise the Lord!

    1. So good to have communication with you again, Karen! Yes, hard to believe your children are that grown up. Thank you for sharing that sweet testimony. Truly a blessing to have teenagers enjoy spending time with their parents and siblings.

  4. Those purple Eddie Bauer vests are beautiful! Teri and Steve look to have matching black vests as well!
    That is an interesting idea that the PD has of stopping by to get cookies. Hmm, that’s an idea. Even on bad weather days when they are patrolling anyway it might be nice to have them stop by for treats.


  5. We had a great Christmas! We got up and had a cookie and read the Christmas story together. Then we opened presents. We played with our new gifts all afternoon and had roast for supper.
    PS – I love the girls matching vests!!!

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