Random Life from Thankful to Christmas

Good morning! I’m way overdue on a Random Life post, so make yourself a good cup of something hot and enjoy a peek into family life. Mid-November brought frigid temperatures early to our area along with gorgeous snow right after Thanksgiving. We packed so much into the last 7 weeks, from work to shipping Finding Change, to babysitting, to lots of special family times.

I’ll share Christmas celebration pictures later!

Signing off until next year! 🙂 Happy New Year!


Jesse at the Apologetics conference with friends.
We ladies went to a local Christmas parade with GiGi the weekend Dad and Jesse were gone.
A brisk Sunday afternoon walk in Weston.
A pajama donut run!
Thanksgiving baking with littles
Snow! Some of us were recovering from a stomach virus, but the girls didn’t have it and shoveled the snow. We got about 7″.
The slide was so icy at the bottom the kids shot off and had a blast.
This little guy is adorable! (And yes, we know the child who staged the picture didn’t quite get the spelling correct).
Ellie snuggling
Speaking of Ellie, one evening, while we watched the kids, I let them give Ellie a bath.
Decorating gingerbreads
You never know who you’ll have around for dinner.
These two
Mary shipped out Finding Change to homes across the world!
Celebrating Nathan’s birthday
Drew loves to read with Grandpa
Some days just call for quiet and solitude.
Walk Through Bethlehem
Melanie and the girls enjoyed taking part
Puzzle time when we girls stopped in at GiGi’s
Our friends helped with Titus2 projects. We shrink-wrapped Managers of Their Homes books and Scheduling Kits.
Bearers of impromptu gifts.
Nathan took his family for a night away.
Christopher’s family dropped in one evening. Their children memorized part of the Christmas story which they shared with friends and neighbors throughout the season.
Very cute!
The little girls gifted our friends with things right before Christmas.
We took an evening to go out for dinner and then listen to the 12 Voices of Christmas.
After a cold November, December has been mild. This has been great for running off energy!

“And the fruit of righteousness is sown
in peace of them that make peace.”
James 3:18

14 thoughts on “Random Life from Thankful to Christmas”

  1. It’s always encouraging to see how you are impacting your community for Christ. You are intentional about serving one another and your world. It is so important to honor the Lord with the gifts and talents that He has given. Have a beautiful 2019!

  2. Thank you for sharing these precious photos – – seeing them gave me a needed smile today! 🙂 (Am battling strep throat/cough) 🙁

    The Maxwell family is such an inspiration and blessing to so many. May the Lord bless you as you continue serving Him.

    Love, Mrs. Patti

  3. Thank you for sharing! It’s always such a blessing to see all that you do with each other and for others. 🙂

    1. It always takes her a while, but I know Sarah enjoys going through the photos and picking some out for the random life posts. She is so faithful to take pictures of what is happening.

  4. Lovely photos!
    Happy new year to you all too.
    Sending lots of love
    Claire and Family

  5. Hello Maxwells! I’m wondering if anyone in your clan ever attends this event: https://scriptoriums.com/kansas-city-mo

    It’s right in your area (or fairly close I think) and many of the National Bible Bee attendees attend this one. You should join up – it sounds like a great way to spend time… studying God’s word!

  6. I always enjoy the Random Life pictures so much. Thanks to Sarah for doing them and for including Arnold and Ellie! It seems all of you had a busy and productive Nov. and Dec. May 2019 be a wonderful year for all the Maxwells as you continue to serve the Lord through serving each other and your community!

  7. Really enjoyed this post! Y’all have such fun family times! Y’all remind me of my family in a lot of ways! 😉

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