Shoebox Packing Parties

Over a week period, Anna and Mary organized shoebox packing parties, inviting different family members. Even the adults enjoyed being a part of the process.

The girls have a heart to minister–whether to kids at the Bible club or in ways like the shoeboxes. They poured so many hours into shopping, planning, and then the final put-it-all-together sessions. 

The process was set up like an assembly line, and then each group received info on how to do it. Usually, it was one of each item but sometimes two. Plus, if you packed a girl box, it needed a hairbrush and a girl-themed water bottle (with hair ties!) versus a boy who received a comb and boy-themed water bottle.

It’s exciting to join others all over sharing love to these sweet kids. We love Samaritan’s Purse doing what they do In Jesus’ Name!

We spent some family time putting the boxes together.
Calia was beyond excited to pack the boxes!

Now onto the delivery!

“And the Lord make you to increase and abound in
love one toward another, and toward all men,
even as we do toward you.”
1 Thessalonians 3:12

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    1. We praise the Lord for every OCC shoe box He supplies for and allows us to pack. Each year the number has increased, and we are grateful for that as well. We don’t think we should share those numbers on the blog.

  1. This is beautiful to see. Our family just worked a shift at the OCC warehouse in Dallas. The day we were there I think they processed over 50,000 boxes!

    1. So wonderful you were able to help in the Dallas OCCC warehouse. Our family sure enjoyed doing that the couple of times we have been able to fit that into our schedule. Wow, 50,000 boxes in one day. Amazing!

  2. Good job to all the workers! We love packing shoeboxes, it is a such a great ministry. This year we also got to help at the Denver processing center, such a fun way to bless others and spread the gospel.

  3. I was eagerly waiting for this post!
    I love it that you manage to make it a family activity, involving all of the children.
    And I absolutely agree with you on not sharing the numbers: those don’t really matter. Even one single box He provided for, packed with love and godly wisdom, is enough!

    Many blessings,


    1. Even 3-year-old Calia caught on to walking down the line and putting items in the boxes. The first time she did it with her Daddy. He held the boxes while she loaded them up. Then when I had her for my playtime, she and I decided to do a few more boxes. She told me she wanted to hold the box and put things in so that’s how we started. Before long, she says, “Grandma, you hold the box.” It was a little too challenging at three to do both tasks!

    1. Just yesterday we had a note that had to do with an order but included a paragraph about OCC boxes. She said she has actually been in countries where shoeboxes are distributed and seen the impact they have on the children and their families. That was heart grabbing!

  4. I absolutely LOVE seeing what you do to minister during this season. Keep up the good work, Maxwell’s!


  5. I received an email from an organizer to include a family photo with a note to let the child know that your are praying for them. Also, did you stuff the water bottles with socks or mittens? I try to use all of the available space. So nice that the entire family can get involved. Did Mary pack a special box with tools like she did previously?

    1. There was a photo of Anna and Mary with all the nieces and nephews that went in each shoe box. Plus there was a handwritten note in each one. The water bottles were stuffed with washcloths and hair ties also went in the girls’. No tools this year.

  6. This was my first year being involved with OCC. Our church is a drop off center and I spent three days volunteering to collect and pack boxes into cartons. It was an amazing experience and led my family to take on this as our family mission this year. It also planted the seed of hope that maybe one day I can take a trip to hand out the boxes and see the joy they bring children as well as the message of the gospel they share.

  7. Way to go you guys!!! That is so sweet to see everyone helping and having so much fun while doing it!

    1. Everyone did have a great time helping with the OCC boxes from planning to shopping to fundraising to packing boxes and taking them to the drop place.

  8. Wow! Congrats on so many boxes. I think it’s great to be able to bless these children. We packed 8 boxes this year and I was so much fun.

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