Fifteen Year Anniversary

Hello, Everyone! This is a somewhat unusual blog post in a few ways. First, it is written by me (Anna Marie). Second, Sarah doesn’t know I’m writing it. And third, it’s announcing a special little milestone for Sarah!

I recently began reading Summer with the Moodys to our oldest three children (who are loving it). As I flipped open the book, I saw that it was originally published in November 2003. That means…

Sarah Maxwell
Sarah Maxwell

This month marks the fifteen-year anniversary of the first Moody book publication!

I know there are a lot of Moody fans out there, and as Christopher and I were talking, we were thinking about young adults in their 20’s who started reading Moody books 15 years ago and are now beginning to raise their own family. If so, and if any are still following the blog, we thought it would be fun to hear from “original” Moody book readers – favorite memories or impact the series had on you, etc. Maybe, like me, you enjoyed reading them with siblings while you were younger, and now find yourself reading them to your own children!

With love,

Anna Marie

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the
Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”
Colossians 3:17

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  1. We got the first four books all at one time and have been following ever since. My mom read them to us. I read the entire series to myself, then read them all outloud to my younger sister, because she was too young to remember them. I’m 22 and a diehard Moody fan! My little brother temporarily named his favorite stuffed dog Honey and we have another named Maple. And yes, some day, I will be reading these to my littles:) Thank you, Sarah, for all your hard work and all the clean reads!

  2. I started reading the Moody books not too long before Autumn with the Moodys was published. As an Adult I have learnt so many things. They all are my favourites. I love the way they live out their faith and not afraid to share the gospel.

  3. I wasn’t reading them 15 years ago, but loved reading them to my kids 10 years ago. We awaited each new one and cancelled all schoolwork the day it came so we could read. They are the kind of books you never outgrow! Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  4. We bought the first book shortly after it was published, and loved them! My comment will probably be more heavy than the others, but it’s my story as a mother. I began the menopause journey when my son was 10, and suddenly, abruptly began having anxiety, something I’d never fully understood before it happened to me. God taught me so much through that journey that I can honestly say it was worth it. One of the weapons of my warfare was the Moody collection. I don’t think it ever once failed that I would sit on the couch and read with my son, but that I would get up when it was over feeling greatly helped. There is always the pleasure of doing anything with your child; plus that time contributed to the fulfillment of our homeschool requirements. But more than anything, the content of the books met one of the deepest desires of my heart – affecting my son’s heart for the Lord. I always finished our couch time with that feeling that I’d done something good for him. The trial of menopause is long behind us, our son is a young man in college, and I’m still recommending those books to people with young children!

    1. Wow, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I love seeing the little ways the Lord uses things to bless. Something as simple as a Moody book met a need–and the Lord knew that! Much love!!!!

  5. Happy fifteen year book anniversary, Sarah! As a teenager I love your books, they have been such a blessing and inspiration to me!

  6. I got the first moody book when I was 6. I read it so many times it actually started to fall apart! Now I enjoy reading them to joyanna and I will start reading it to Joshua soon! Everybody loves the moodys!

  7. Your books have been a blessing. The characters seemed down to earth to me. The Moodys seemed like a family I would know; they were realistic to me. We all thought there were many very funny situations and laughed a lot. -Luke, 15
    We would look forward every night to Dad or Mom reading the Moody books aloud. Each one was a fun, new adventure. We also enjoyed making the recipes Sarah included in her books. -Joel,17
    I really enjoyed listening to them on trips, as well. -Nicholas, 20
    There are many wholesome examples in the Moody series. With such a large number of entertainment choices that do not exemplify good values, it was reassuring to have enjoyable, encouraging and uplifting examples of other children and families trying to live lives centered in Christlikeness. By the way, there were times I felt like I related very much to Mitch. -Christopher, 21
    Sweet memories of reading to our guys and hearing their laughter, conversations, questions and prayers related to the characters’ lives. Thank you, Sarah, and congratulations on your new writing endeavor. -the guys’ Mom, (older than them)

    1. Luke, Joel, Nicholas, Christopher, and Mom! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! What wonderful memories! Yes, Mitch was a great guy! 🙂 I loved reading your thoughts on Moody days! Thank you!

  8. Happy bookaversary, Sarah! We are about the same age, so I’m not old enough to have grown up with your books, but know that you inspire me from afar with your work ethic, commitment, and kindness 🙂

  9. I began reading your family’s blog as a single person. I have been following your family for about 13years. I have been so encouraged watching you all grow up and continue to serve the Lord! I gain much encouragement through your posts. So now I am a mom of 4 (ages 1-7) I began reading aloud a “Christian” book to my children, and the siblings were continually copy-catting and bickering guess what my children began doing, exactly that! So we started the Moody series we are on book 6 & now my children are doing “cleaning” surprises for me! It’s like having positive friends surround them. Thank you Sarah!

  10. Happy Anniversary, Sarah! I started reading your books when I was about nine…ten years ago! They inspired me to start writing stories and I still have hopes to self-publish my books one day! Keep writing!
    Your friend,

  11. Wow, it’s been 15 years?! – the saying is true, that “time flies.” Fifteen years ago I was on the cusp of beginning my home school journey, and some of the first chapter books I bought for my children then were the early Moody books. I read them a chapter during our morning singing and story time, and often in the evenings at our Bible time, as well. Although they’re written for children, the daily life events are so common place and understandable that they relate just as well to us moms, and really impart a sense of peacefulness and joy as a right response and a constant turning to and relating to God is shown. And one of the stories really resonated with me and helped me keep cool and calm when I spilled a lot of thawing turkey water on my kitchen floor!!! 🙂 I thought of that happening to the Moody family (actually, I believe it was the entire turkey, in the story), and I said to myself, “Now just keep calm; this isn’t a disaster, just messy. You can clean this up no problem.” 🙂 Thank you, Sarah!

    1. Thanks, Margaret, for sharing! Loved those memories! It was funny–I thought on our run this morning about how many people might have forgotten to thaw their turkey! I love including everyday things and adding a special twist to it!

  12. Dear Sarah,

    I remember starting to follow the blog right around the time Abby was born. I then bought your books, and started using them as a way to teach young kids and their families that you actually CAN find wholesome books in English, books you can have your child read on his/her own without worrying about the content or the language. Books that will set role models for them to mimic and follow. Books that will stir their imagination and make them strive to invest in sibling relationships and family times.
    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us: it is truly a continued blessing!


  13. Happy 15th Anniversary, Sarah! I was only 1 year old when you started writing your amazing books! Now I’m almost 17 and I still never get tired of them!
    I LOVE all the books you’ve written, and I’ve read all of them except Finding Change! I hope to find Finding Change in one of my Christmas presents!
    I my opinion, other than the Bible, your books are the best in the world! Thanks so much, and please keep writing more awesome books!

  14. Happy 15 Year Anniversary! Thank you for the wholesome stories in the Moody books. I bought them when they were first published and snuggled up next to my girls who were 7 & 8 at the time and read to them. I cherish those times, especially now, because my beautiful daughter, Alyvia, went Home to Heaven in 2016 after a car accident. Thank you for having a part in making precious memories with my daughter that I will cherish forever in my heart.

    1. That brings tears to my eyes. So sorry for your deep, deep loss. Thank you for sharing how Sarah’s books are part of those special memories you treasure.

  15. I was about six when we discovered the Moody series (I am almost 20 now) and they became my absolute favorite books. I read them over and over to myself and to my six younger siblings. I just started reading them (again) to my youngest sister. My favorite part was learning how to share the gospel and what verses to use as well as reading a book about a family I could relate to (homeschooled, large family ect) The Moody`s made a huge impact on my life. Thank you Sarah 🙂

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