Announcing Sarah’s New Book, Finding Change

Finding Change, my newest fiction book, has the potential to change a kid’s life. Watch the video to hear more.

Finding Change, Book 1 in Hill Top Adventures

Ten-year-old Emma and her younger brother, Ethan, have just moved to the tight-knit community of Hill Top, which Emma hopes will be their home for a long time. But trouble brews for Dad’s job, and uncertain times shake their home. 

The bake contest lures Emma to church, and she’s flooded with memories of a tragic event and the bitterness it left. Ups and downs and twists and turns fill the pages of Finding Change until a dreaded visit by her aunt brings Emma face-to-face with the biggest decision of her life.

“This book could almost be called Zero Gravity,
because I just can’t put it down.” – Ezra, 11

Nine, full-page illustrations give the story an amazing pop. Here are three of them below.

Pre-order bonus: I’ll sign the first 300 copies of Finding Change before November 26th. We estimate books to begin shipping the week of November 26th.

Finding good quality reading books for your kids is hard, and what better gift than Finding Change? This book could change your child’s life, and I’m passionate about the story plot. 

Grab three (or more) copies of Finding Change and save 10%. For more information or to pre-order, stop by our online store

Also, if you haven’t purchased Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle, released last year near this time, I encourage you to get a copy while you’re at it. It’s the perfect Christmas read!

Thank you again for all your enthusiasm! I can’t wait for books to begin shipping to your home.


“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is
the power of God unto salvation to every one that
believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
Romans 1:16

38 thoughts on “Announcing Sarah’s New Book, Finding Change”

  1. WooHoo! Pre-Ordered!!

    We love books here at our home and are anxious to get started on your new series, Sarah!


  2. Yay! This looks so good! 🙂 Thank you for all the work that you put into your books! I have been able to read all of the previous ones, and can’t wait to read this book.

      1. Actually, I take that back. I just realized that I haven’t read Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle. Oops! Well, another book on my To Be Read list! 😉

  3. Sarah,
    Your cheering squad loves the book cover!!! It’s BEAUTIFUL – and capsulated what we envisioned in our minds of Emma, Ethan and Taffy! We are excited and will wait with great anticipation as we receive our new book! And a thank you to the whole family who participated in the whole book project! You are loved from Virginia!!!

  4. Yay! Joyanna and I have been looking forward to this. We read the previews and we just can’t wait to hear more! We will be ordering it as fast as we can! 🙂

  5. I am so excited to not only get this book but all your books. The illustrations are gorgeous! Thank you Sarah!!!!

  6. Yay!!! Such a beautiful finished project that will reach many children (and their parents!) for the Lord Jesus. So grateful for all that God has done through you in completing this book. The cover and illustrations looks fantastic. Great job to you too, Mary!

  7. Hooray! Congratulations! This definitely sounds like a book I would have enjoyed when I was a kid. (We don’t have any kids in our family right now, but I’m wracking my brain to see if I can think of someone to order a copy for!) The story sound intriguing, and the illustrations are beautiful.

    1. Thanks! When I checked the weather, I knew I had a narrow window of time before we snow and super cold temperatures, so I went for it. All those beautiful leaves disappeared after the snow and cold, so I’m glad I did it when I did. I was actually about 43, so I wore my coat until I got thing set up and practiced. 🙂

  8. Glad for your new book. My daughter (who is learning disabled adult) saw it, and had to have it. She has most of the Moody books and loves them, so we knew we had to get this one also. Can’t wait for her to try to read it, if not I’ll read it with her. Your books aren’t just for kiddos.

    1. Awww, I’m so glad she wants to read it. Yes, the books are great for an entire family read aloud! Finding Change has a striking heart-pull. I myself get teary-eyed in certain places.

  9. I just can’t wait till it arrives! I’m really looking forward to this new series! Great job, Mary, on the illustrations!

  10. Wow Sarah!

    The new book sounds so very promising! I hope to start an English book club for young readers in the near future, and your book would make a perfect start!

    Many blessings,


  11. Just ordered the book. We are excited to read it and are very impressed with Mary’s illustrations!

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