Random Life from Color to Cold

It’s the dawning of an exciting week for me, of a dream come true. Since I completed the Moody Series, I still carried a passion for writing kids’ books, and in just two days, I get to unveil my newest story.

This past month has been a beautiful whirlwind. Autumn was especially pretty this year, but an early snow finished it and brought winter. The other morning, it was in the teens, which is cold for this time in Kansas!

Besides “normal” work and life, we enjoyed time outdoors, babysitting littles, Operation Christmas Child shoebox prep, projects, and for Mary, Anna, and me, finishing out my book.

This is a sweet season as we near the holidays. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. May we be grateful for the Lord’s abundant blessings.

Today being Veteran’s Day observed, I’m grateful for those who have served and protected our freedom!


Saturday work projects

Chelsy’s mom and younger siblings visited,
and Chelsy invited all the ladies and littles
over for fresh donuts and fellowship.Some enjoyed outside time including races!Shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxesStocking up on candy (not for shoeboxes)
but for the girls’ Bible club

GiGi reading to lots of the greatsSome great games of Spike Ball (notice how quickly our Kansas weather changes, barefoot here!)Nathan, Melanie, and crew diligently
campaignedMore Saturday projects

You never know what you might see in front of the house.
Here Anna (and Mary) were out running with the kids.
Autumn colorsWorking on the book
Before the weather got too cold,
Dad worked on some painting projects.Mary sharing with the kids about the floodWe watched Christopher and Anna Marie’s kids for their anniversarySome of the Maxwells participated in a pushup challenge in October

We also watched Nathan and Melanie’s children one night.
Here Tina gave her presentation and used Betsy
as an example.

Playing in the leavesRolling up washcloths, putting hair ties
on them, and stuffing in a water bottle for OCC.
Nathan’s office buddy one dayMary made delicious pumpkin donuts for Anna’s birthday breakfast.
The recipe was one Mary found online.Calia and Joseph brought over birthday balloons for AnnaAt family birthdays, there are lots of eager helpers.Abby made Anna the pillowEllie doesn’t lack for attentionYou know the picture of me recently in the navy dress announcing the book launch date?
Y’all, this is a real behind-the-scenes photo of who was BEHIND me!These twoLeaves aboundChelsy helping the girls with OCC stuff

Yes, snow!The lady Anna and Mary minister with for Bible club
hung cold weather gear on the fence
for those who needed them to take.

Love this picture of Melanie and Benji!

They made sledding work! 🙂

Time with Chelsy

Packing OCC boxes.

“But if we hope for that we see not, then
do we with patience wait for it.”
Romans 8:25

10 thoughts on “Random Life from Color to Cold”

  1. Love all these pictures! So happy about your new book! The fall leaves are beautiful. Thanks for including Arnold and Ellie!

  2. Your so blessed , love all pictures .Looking forward to new book will new book lead to new serious of books .

  3. Thank you for sharing this post and photos!
    Looks like the Maxwells have been very busy with lots of great activities – – including doing much to help others. 🙂
    The photo of the tree with golden leaves is beautiful—all the seasons are lovely, but Autumn is my very favorite.
    I’m glad Anna had a nice birthday! How exciting about Sarah’s book releasing!
    Thank you again for sharing these sweet photos (and including Arnold in a photo, too!). 😉
    Love, Mrs. Patti

    1. Hi Patti, glad you enjoy the photos. Arnold seems to be very photogenic and have lots of photos taken of him. I often hear someone say, “Oh Arnold, you are just too cute.” Usually that’s when he’s curled up in one of those precious kitty cat naps.

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I love the thoughtful idea of hanging cold weather gear for the children. Such glorious photos of autumn and adorable pics of the littles. It looks like Anna had a great birthday! And that is the cutest cat and dog ever.

  5. Love love love these posts!!! I noticed Joshua and Tina have glasses they are so cute!!! The fall color trees were beautiful. And snow in October o my gosh!!! How exciting wish we had snow. Lol.

    1. Thought you might like to know Tina has glasses because of eye exam and need. Joshua has glasses because he likes wearing them but his eyesight is fine. Those glasses are just frames!

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