Firsts and Lasts

Sometimes Steve and I wish we could remember the first or last time we did something, either for ourselves or because someone asked us. For example, Steve and I would like to know when we watched our last TV show. It was over thirty years ago, and we know approximately when but not exactly. We would like to know when we began reading our Bibles every single day and then when we started daily family Bible time. Again, we know about the time but not exactly.

We have a tradition of listening to Back to the Bible’s Twelve Voices of Christmas near Christmas while driving around looking at Christmas lights. What year did we first do that?

We can’t go back and document those special “firsts” or “lasts,” but we can encourage you to do that. When they happen, you probably don’t think that much about them, but thirty years down the road when they have become family treasures, you just might wish for that information.

There are many means you could use for this. Here are a few:

  1. Keeping your calendars and making sure you have entered special events and occasions and any change that occurs. That way you could look back through them for the information.
  2. Journaling.
  3. Making and keeping up a simple list of special events/occasions with dates beside them. This one seems like the easiest to come up with the information from, but also could be hard to know what to write down.
  4. Photographs and then keeping your photographs organized. This method is much easier now since phones have cameras in them, and we take photos of so many daily events.


What firsts do you wish you had documented? Lasts? How are you documenting them now?

Trusting in Jesus,

“They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness,
and shall sing of thy righteousness.” Psalm 145:7

7 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts”

  1. I do journal. All the time. And refer to it when someone asks me when something took place. I document “first-after”s, like following an illness, someone’s first time out, first time at church, first day back at work, first time driving again, and I’ll think of more. Lasts can be sad, because we don’t know. But I’m thankful for some lasts that I sort of knew about, like my last kiss with my husband before his death.
    But, so many good things to remember; still working on remembering them unto God.

      1. Thank you for your loving support. I got a song in my head; Here By the Water by Steve Bell. In church we’re going through a series on the book of Joshua so that’s fitting as well.
        Here by the water I’ll build an altar to praise You
        Out of the stones that I’ve found here
        I’ll set them down here, rough as they are
        Knowing You can make them holy
        Knowing You can make them holy
        Knowing You can make them holy

  2. We take lots of family pictures and home movies. I also love to journal. I write about everything and keep all my old journals. U never know when u might want to remember something from a long time ago. 🙂

  3. I have kept a daily journal since 1990, and although not typically too detailed, I would just write about whatever we had done that day. I also kept a journal for both of our sons from the time they were born. Those weren’t daily, but only when something special happened or just every now & then to catch up on the events of their lives. My heart goes out to J. on the loss of her husband. I understand because we lost our youngest son very suddenly and unexpectedly at age 27 two and a half years ago. Those journals have brought us great comfort and good memories in the midst of much sorrow, and I’m so thankful that we have all that information to recall. The Lord has truly been faithful in the time of our deepest grief and I know we couldn’t get through this without Him!

    1. Kris, very sorry about the loss of your son. What a wonderful testimony of your faithfulness in journaling and how God has used it through your time of grieving.

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