Random Life from Green to Changing Colors

What an exciting last 5 weeks it’s been since I shared Random Life! The Lord’s gracious touch was very evident in my life as I hit my copyeditor deadline. Now, the book is back from our copyeditor, and we’re in the final two weeks of getting it ready for the printer. We can’t wait to introduce it next month!

Autumn is really here. Leaves twirling off trees, hillsides changing into hues of yellow, orange, and brown, rainy, cozy days, crisp temperatures–it’s beautiful.

We love seeing God’s faithfulness in every minute of our lives. He wants us to seek Him, in the hard times and in the good times. One thing we’re praising Him for is on the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson this past weekend! We’ve prayed for his freedom for the past two years, and we’re all thrilled with the news.

I’d love to hear one thing you’re blessed by today!


Anna helped Anna Marie and girls make burritos for the freezer.

Cooking up tortillas (Costco frozen ones)

One hot Saturday (yes, we’ve literally gone back and forth from
warm front to cool front to warm to cool!),
Anna and Dad did a lot of yard work.
They verti-cut the lawn and then seeded.

The girls did balloons and face painting at a local church event, and I took pictures for the church.

Nathan and Melanie enjoyed a camping trip to Colorado!

Mom cat-sat the cats.

Jesse’s birthday–and so many happy helpers

Look at this group!

A pizza-picnic

Mom and Dad do a monthly shopping run.


Mom reading to Calia.

Tina and Arnold

Anna took this crew on a walk.

We watched Nathan and Melanie’s crew one night.

GiGi leaving on a trip.

Anna accompanied Melanie and kids to Science City in downtown KC (Mary’s been busy with illustrations for my book).

A special aunties’ play time walk to a great field.

Jesse unloading after one of Dad and Mom’s shopping trip

Nathan had a business trip, and we had guests,
so this was the crew one night!

So blessed to be able to spend time with my friend!

We took our friends to the Deanna Rose Farmstead
along with Lidsy and Ruthie.

Bottle feeding the goats.

They liked Mary.

Family picture sneak peek! Yes! We actually got it done the end of September. So perfect. Can’t wait to share more.

Betsy and Anna eating ice cream on errands one day.
(Note: Betsy only got in the front seat while they were parked to eat the ice cream.)

Babysitting, and Mom came with Calia to take over

Little Benji loves Ellie

Calia turned three!

Nathan and kiddos campaigning.

Guests for lunch!

Caught in the rain, lol!

Life Chain day, and we made signs at the last-minute.

Anna Marie and Melanie

This had to be my closing photo. I captured this yesterday after family lunch. LOVE IT!

They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.”
Lamentations 3:23-24

34 thoughts on “Random Life from Green to Changing Colors”

  1. Ahhh!! Such awesome and adorable pics! I can’t pick a favorite one… but if I really had to choose I’d probably say the one of Benjamin and Ellie. Talk about a heart-melting picture! ? I love it! I can’t wait to see the family picture! Thank you for the smile all of these pictures brought to my face!

  2. He is worthy of all our praise!

    I’m thankful for an awesome time reflecting on good fellowship with someone Teri linked me up with in New Zealand, who I was able to visit last week – I’m thankful for Teri’s love and the joy of this new friendship which is bringing yet more joy into our lives through fellowship in the truth!

    “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits.”

    Also thankful that though our family is going through the motions of bronchitis, it is teaching the children faith and patience as well as self-sacrifice.

    “Giving thanks always for all things unto God, even the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;” Ephesians 5:20

    Congratulations on the progress of your book Sarah.

  3. I am blessed that I am able to take care of my 89 year old father. I am also blessed that my husband, children, and grandchildren understand that sometimes his needs have to be first priority and never grumble. They pick up my home duties so I can see to his needs!

    1. How encouraging to hear, Christy, first that you are willing to invest in your father’s care and then that your family members are understanding and even cover for you when your time needs to go to him.

  4. I’m thankful that even though Hurricane Florence was rough, all our church members are safe! God is so good!

  5. Oh wow! Nathan and family camped in Colorado? No cabin? That must have been a a real experience with so many littles!

    Deanna Rose Farmstead was a pre-school field trip for us, 10 years ago!! We very much enjoyed it!

    Here in the great state of Texas, I am thankful for rain and unseasonably cool temps! We normally roast until about Thanksgiving so this is a very welcome change and I couldn’t be happier with it! Fireplace and cardmaking time!

    Can’t WAIT for the new book next month! Eeeek!!


    1. Yep, Colorado tent camping. They had a great time. I think it was a family discussion beforehand as to whether to buy some more camping supplies like sleeping bags for those who didn’t have them or spend money for a hotel or cabin. That’s fun to think of you taking your children to the farmstead 10 years ago. Love the cards you make that we get to enjoy. Thank you.

    1. Our love back to you! We are looking forward to the book launch, too, and some semblance of normal life back for Sarah! Mary is, and has been, quite busy with illustrating, and Anna will be laying the book out in the publishing software this week. My role is kitchen duty!

  6. Wonderful post! Great job compiling it, Sarah! The Maxwell house is bustling and beautiful as ever. 🙂

  7. Love seeing all the photos! You all have been a blessing to us:) Are the cats you cat-sat Tigger and Pickles? How cute!

    1. Yes, Tiger and Pickles. They really only needed food and water checked, but I chose to take my computer over when I could and spend time with them upstairs.

  8. I know it’s been asked before but where does Anna Marie get their matching dresses from? Or does she make them?

    1. Some of their matching things she makes and some she finds from other places. She doesn’t have much sewing time these days but occasionally will make a new one for Ruthie who has outgrown her last one or even one for herself to match the girls.

  9. I’m blessed with two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband – they bring such joy to my life!

    Anna Marie is making frozen burritos? Isn’t that what she makes to have available when she has a baby? *hint hint*

    1. Your children and husband – delightful blessings in your life. Yes, Anna Marie often makes big batches of burritos to freeze and pull out for easy meals. I think she often does that when she is near her due date, when her mom comes to visit and can help, and then other times. Considering when Elizabeth was born, I am guessing she had run out of the pre-baby’s birth burritos and was ready for another batch.

  10. Wonderful pictures! It’s so much fun to see all the little Maxwells growing up! And of course Ellie, Arnold, and the kitties..who I guess are mostly grown now…are as adorable as ever. As to my blessing for today, I’m so thankful that my friend and her mom are breast cancer survivors, and we all walked in Race For A Cure over the weekend. I was honored and blessed to walk with them!

    1. What a wonderful blessing you shared, not only are your mom and friend breast cancer survivors, but you were able to walk for the cause with them. Praise the Lord!

    1. We use the liquid chalk on the windows, but to be honest, we haven’t found a brand we are really happy with. Each time we try a different one, and usually with the same not-so-great results. Be interested in any brand that others have tried and works well for them.

  11. I so enjoy these random life posts!

    This time, it made me reflect on the fact that what we call “random”, isn’t in fact random at all. Random life moments are those we cherish the most, those that make us together a family.

    My favorite picture, I have to say, is the one with Sarah and her friend. It made me think about myself when I am with my friends!

    Many blessings,


    1. That’s a profound thought, Alice. Those “random” life photos are sweet memories of the special parts of lives that are purposefully lived in service to the Lord and in building those sweet relationships!

  12. Love your random family life posts! It always blesses my heart to see the family harmony you all have with your adult and married children. It seems like there is so much disharmony today in many Christian families with parents and their adult/married children. I appreciate so much the godly example and encouragement your family is to me and to many others who follow your blog.

  13. Such cute pictures as always! Btw, we got to go occ shopping today. I’m really excited cuz we got a lot of stuff and I’m excited to see how many boxes we’ll be able to pack.

        1. We’re going to do 2 boys age 10-14, 2 girls age 10-14, 1 boy age 5-9, and 2 other girl boxes that will either be 5-9 or 2-4. We’re still trying to organize the boxes and figure out which age group would be best for each box!

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