Cherry Tart

Do remember our Austrian blog friend who sent us a cherry stoner (see this post)? She also sent us her favorite cherry tart recipe, which we wanted to try out with the cherries we stoned and froze. We usually make pies, cobblers, and crisps with fruit, but we hadn’t made a tart before so it was fun to try something new.

We served this dessert recently when we had weekend guests. We all agreed. It is delicious.

Cherry Tart

1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 cup sugar
3 eggs, room temperature
1 lb. cherries

Beat butter with hand mixer until fluffy. Then beat in eggs, one at a time. Beat in sugar. Continue until everything is really fluffy. Then fold in flour with baking powder. Mix only until everything is combined.

Pour into baking dish. (I use a round one about 9 inch diameter). Then let the cherries sink in. You can use even more than 1 pound of cherries. Bake at 350° until golden brown. Serve warm or cold, with or without vanilla ice cream. It’s delicious!

“My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness;
and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips” (Psalm 63:5).

12 thoughts on “Cherry Tart”

  1. That looks so yummy and simple to make too! I’m not usually one for fruit desserts (I don’t even like apple pie) but I do adore cherries. About how many servings does it yield? (I’m terrible at determining that based upon a recipe alone and always end up with way too little or way too much!)

    1. I discovered I liked fruit desserts when I began eating them with ice cream! That recipe served exactly 8 for us. We made it in a pie pan and cut it into eight pieces like we would a pie.

  2. About how long did it take to cook? I’m thinking of using this recipe in a cooking class at our home school co-op, and I’m wondering if I will have enough time to complete the project in the allotted time. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Teri!
    The cherry tart looks like an interesting recipe to try!…on a previous post, I think, I saw a mixer on one of the pictures…may I ask what kind you use? what size? any pros or cons that you learned? recommendations? does it work well with large and small amounts? I have read a little about Bosch mixers but it sounds like they do not do well with small amounts…maybe that is kinda standard with a larger capacity mixer?? I’m trying to be prepared to make a wise decision because I think, I should go larger for my next one. I have a small kitchen aid stand mixer that has been wonderful.
    Thought you might have some good advice!?
    I enjoy your family blog…you have been a blessing & encouragement to me!!
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Charlotte, Our mixer is a Magic Mill DLX9000. We are very pleased with it and have had it a long time. It does great with bread dough. We generally make five loaves at a time in it. We also have a hand mixer for smaller batches of things like cookies or muffins. The small handmixers do not last long for us, and we have tried expensive and inexpensive ones! We have the handmixer because our Magic Mill is kept in a cupboard, and it is inconvenient to get out compared to the little hand mixer. Plus like the Bosch, if there isn’t much in the big mixer the ingredients spread out so much in the bowl that the mixing arm doesn’t reach them so well. So happy you enjoy the blog! Thank you for sharing that and encouraging us.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing!
        Brent & I did a little research on bosch, kitchen aid & magic mill(I think the name has changed but not sure of the spelling without looking it up:))…want to do some more research…thanks again for taking the time to share! I didn’t know about that brand so it was interesting to read about it…sounds like it is a good one!:)

  4. Hi,Teri! The recipe looks delicious, and look forward to trying it! Did you thaw the cherries first or just put them in frozen?

    Thank you!


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