Grandma’s Bookbag

For those who read our blog regularly, you know that I have scheduled time each week with my different sets of grandchildren.

I have three book bags. One bag with board books that toddlers can’t destroy. That bag I give to the toddlers to occupy them while waiting for their turn to pick books. The next bag contains activity books and other books of preschool interest. The last bag has books with longer storylines or chapter books. Abby (10), Bethany (8), and Christina (6) usually pick the chapter book currently in the book bag for their reading time, and of course, all are welcome to sit and listen along.

We plan to begin sharing blog posts about top favorites from Grandma’s book bags in the coming months.

Here are two of my current favorites:

Train Man by Andrew Zimmerman & David Clemesha

This delightful board book is a favorite of Andrew (4) who loves trains.

Big brother in the book wants to be a train man when he grows up so this book follows him in his imaginary plans. He includes his little brother, letting him wear the train man hat and blow the whistle. We enjoy saying, “All aboard” at the appropriate places in the book.

The Gardner by Sarah Steward

Joseph and Elissa gave this book to me for Mother’s Day, and it is my top favorite. It is a longer story book with extremely imaginative illustrations. Every time we read it, we notice new details in the pictures. It is a story from the depression era of a little girl who has to go live with her uncle in the city for several months and the joy and transformations she brings in her new home.

Trusting in Jesus,

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(Proverbs 16:31)

26 thoughts on “Grandma’s Bookbag”

  1. They look lovely books! I love how you make a special time to spend with the grandchildren every week-such a good way to build strong family relationships!

    1. I am amazed how much more detail we take in from the story itself and then from the illustrations each time we read it. Everyone is excited when we discover something new and share it with the others!

  2. This is kind of grandmother I want to be some day, if God gives me that opportunity! I look forward to your upcoming posts.

  3. Dear Teri,
    Thanks for taking the time to share your wonderful ideas! Looking forward to more great book selections.
    Blessings to you and your family and those sweet grandchildren.

  4. Thank you for sharing books that y’all love. Its hard to find good books like the Moody Series Sarah wrote. We will be following along and looking up these books.

  5. Oh I’m going to love this series of posts. I always loved reading to Storm. She now reads to me daily. Probably my fav time of day.
    Can’t wait to see what else is in Grandma’s Book Bag.

  6. I am so glad you are sharing books for children, it’s really hard to find good wholesome children’s books! We are currently reading through Autumn with the Moody’s as a read aloud in the evenings before bed and my oldest son has already requested the next books in the series!

  7. Mrs. Maxwell: It is so cool that your children gift you on Mothers’ Day with books you share with your grandchildren. A great idea I am going to ‘borrow’ as my own parents will become great-grandparents in January (if it is His will). Happy reading! Amy

    1. Very special that your parents are soon to be great-grandparents. Nathan and Melanie have gifted me twice with Books-A-Million gift cards where I can go to the store and look through the books before I buy. I love doing that!

  8. What a great thing! Do you keep all the children by you the whole time so Mom gets a break, or is she still “on call” if the little ones don’t listen the whole time? As a mom of many, it’s very rare to find someone willing to watch all our little ones at once, but it is so helpful to have a complete break! Often people will offer to help, but it’s hard to know what would be actually helpful and not more work.

    1. I have them all with me. Right now Melanie is going grocery shopping when I am doing reading time. Some seasons she has done other things at home while I am there. I think it is a prized time for her to accomplish things free of childcare responsibility for a little bit. If they lose interest in reading, they just play in the living room by us. For my time with Anna Marie’s children, it is right before lunch so she is doing lunch prep. The children can go in with her, but they usually stay with me since they are interested in the reading or whatever we are doing.

  9. Teri, I often wonder where our society would be today if more grandmothers invested in their grandchildren. My heart grieves over so many grandmothers that detest spending more than 5 minutes with their grandchildren. They have to be off constantly doing “me” time while their daughter or daughter-in-laws feel overwhelmed & needing guidance and encouragement. You are a treasure to all of your family and live by example.

    1. I am grateful to be able spend time with my grandchildren and hopefully bless my daughters-in-law in the process by making their lives a little bit easier for a little while each week. Thank you for the encouragement!

  10. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I’d love to hear other books you all enjoy reading together. 🙂

  11. My mom bought the gardener for my little siblings after seeing it on this post. I listened as she read it to them. It was really cute!

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