Garden in a Glass

About four years ago because of the recommendation of a chiropractor, we began juicing. At that time we had good friends who had completed a month-long, juice-only fast. They were our resident experts on juicing and started us on a solid recipe that we have settled into.

We juice for nutrition. Steve researched juicers before we bought and we purchased an Omega juicer. It was $239 in February of 2014 from Amazon, and they are now $299. (The Amazon links in this post is Titus2’s Amazon affiliate link. See our Privacy Policy.)

With our Omega juicer, we juice, and it maintains its nutritional value for 3 days. Other juicing technology allows for bigger pieces to be put through the juicer, which means less chopping, but air is introduced into the juice. That means it needs to be consumed the day it is made.

We juice and drink it fresh for 3 days. The rest we freeze at juicing time in sandwich size ziplock bags with 10 ounces of juice in each one. Sarah researched freezing the juice and discovered that while some nutrition was lost in the freezing, it wasn’t much. The tradeoff was worth it to us because freezing allows us to juice once or twice a month in big batches. (Side note: we prefer the juice chilled, and we also like to drink it with a straw!)

Here is our juice recipe:

10 lbs carrots
7 lbs apples
1/2 bunch kale
1/2 bunch celery
1 cucumber
1 large golden beet
fingertip sized piece of ginger root

Isn’t that bowl of fruits and veggies beautiful? Do you juice? Want to share your recipes?

Trusting in Jesus,

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed,
and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself,
upon the earth: and it was so.”
Genesis 1:11

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  1. We juice… occasionally!
    I like the look of your recipe. We’ve often done a mix of apple, carrot, and kale (I can’t remember the proportions). I also quite like apple with a little bit of parsley.

    This post has got me thinking, because we have both carrots and kale starting to go to seed in our garden now after coming through winter (in New Zealand)… and juicing some would help to use up some that might otherwise waste. I hadn’t thought of freezing it already-juiced, but I like that idea. And we even have some freezer space available at the moment!

    1. A freezing hint, Joyanne, that I just remembered. As we defrost our juice bags, we set the bag in a container. Some of our bags leak even though they are brand new bags, and if they aren’t in a container it makes a mess wherever they are sitting, and we lose that juice.

      1. That is a very good hint.
        We usually do that when thawing meat, but I hadn’t thought about it yet for juice.

  2. I loved these kinds of blog posts.I read about juicing from Dr Fuhrman’s book EAT TO LIVE.
    But this here makes it so practical. I never thought about freezing! I don’t juice much, because it makes so much work to clean.
    So doing a bigger portion and freeze it is a great idea.

    Keep on with practical blog posts.

    1. That was our problem too – the time it took to juice and clean up during the week when we had other tasks to attend to. This way we can plan our juicing for a Saturday. Even shopping for the veggies takes time. We juiced on Saturday and had purchased over 100 pounds of fruits and vegetables on Thursday for the weekend juicing.

  3. Add flax seed! It blends perfectly & has added nutritional value. On a side note, I use a nutribullet & everything blends with no chunks of anything. Would love to see other recipes 🙂

    1. I think the nutribullet is smaller and would be easier to clean. It looks a lot like a blendtec or a vitamix. Does it really juice, or it is more blending? The juicer separates the juice from the plup so the pulp is a byproduct. I am guessing we couldn’t put flaxseed through the juicer, but we could stir it in after juicing before drinking or freezing.

  4. What a great idea! I just purchased an omega over the summer and am anxious to juice this way! Thanks for that tip!

  5. My husband juices for fighting cancer. His recipe:
    10 lbs of carrots
    6 oz of ginger root (which he only adds to part of the juice, and yes it is HOT)
    2 green apples
    1/2 beet
    2 whole lemons
    2-3 stalks of celery
    This he drinks over a 24 hour period.

    1. So sorry your husband is battling cancer, Lisa. Thank you for his recipe, and wow, I can’t imagine what that much ginger would be like! I guess you said it – HOT.

  6. I have juiced for years, and have also done a few 30-day juice fasts. Very cleansing. My favorite recipe (makes about 2 quarts):
    4 large cucumbers
    1 bunch celery
    1 lemon
    1 green apple
    thumb-sized piece each of turmeric and ginger
    4-5 large hands-full of either spinach or baby kale
    1/2 bunch either cilantro or parsley

    That’s it. IT is so refreshing and doesn’t flood the digestion system with too much sugar (albeit natural, from the carrots, apples and beets).

    Bon appetite!

  7. We often make green smoothies, they are meant to be really good for you.
    We use 6 cups of kale leaves, 1 pear, 1 large banana, 1 cup of pineapple, 1 Tbsp of vanilla, some water, ice cubes and milk if needed!
    The children love it.
    All Gods goodness in a cup!
    Thank you for sharing an interesting and thought provoking blog post, we’re definitely going to try your recipe!
    Sending much love from the B. Family

    1. That looks healthy. Thank you for sharing your green smoothie recipe. Since we are juicing rather than blending, I am not sure how our recipe would work in a blender. One thing for sure, it is way more than would fit into a blender. The recipe would have to be divided way down for a blender full.

  8. I have never tried juicing or even tasted juice of this kind. Is this something that is tasty or do you have to develop a taste for it? I’m just wondering how it would go over with younger members of my family. I can definitely see that the health benefits would be wonderful!

    1. At our house, we think it is tasty. The apples really help. Nathan and Melanie have begun doing some juicing, and their recipe is not exactly like ours but similar. Some of their children are fine with it. Some are learning to like it.

  9. my husband and i we tried to juice every week. ever since my husband had multiple heart attacks … doctors told us to change our diet…. we’re trying to cut down on our meat…

      1. i am not sure because his friend who is vegan & jogs more than 10+ miles every day also have heart attacks?? she eats very healthy and she had a major heart attacks. juicing is good for me though… i feel lighter and i can see my skin…

      2. we do not used the juicer cuz we loveeeee the pulp… we used the nutribullet. we love this one because we want the pulps.

  10. Hi Teri,

    Two questions: What were the chiropractor’s reasons for recommending juicing? And what benefits/changes have you noticed?

    We make green smoothies here (frozen fruit based with protein powder, almond milk and greens) and we fondly refer to them as “pond scum” because that’s what it looks like!! But they taste wonderful! I had major surgery some yeas ago and had to have a lot of blood work done. My doctor commented on how healthy my blood was and I attributed it to smoothies!


    1. We were working with the chiropractor for back issues, but he is the type of chiropractor who made suggestions for overall health. As far as specific benefits/changes, we know it is putting great nutrition into our bodies more than any empirical physical changes. We make green smoothies, too, and I think your word for them is very appropriate!

  11. Hi Teri, Thanks for the juicing post. Freezing is a interesting idea, meaning less clean up (the part that is disliked). We haven’t used our juicer for a couple of years. I’ve had some uncertainties regarding the health benefits. I must do some more research and reassess the arguments. How much juice would you (one person) consume a day? I’ve been wondering how to get more nutrients into my family and had forgotten all about juicing. You have inspired me to consider getting our juicer back out of the the cupboard.
    Blessings to your family,

  12. I found a great recipe for lemonade that uses 4 Granny Smith apples, a pound of carrots, and a lemon and makes two big glasses. But to be honest I haven’t juiced in a few years because of the mess and constantly having to have the juicer out taking up space. I’m intrigued with the idea of juicing in bulk and freezing. Have you ever considered freezing your juice in straight-sided Mason jars? They’re safe to freeze in because they don’t have “shoulders” so when the juice expands it can go straight up and not break the glass. It would be a reusable option, you wouldn’t have to worry about toxins like you do with plastic bags, and you could drink straight from the jar once the juice thaws. They make 12-oz jelly jars which would be perfect for your 10-oz servings.

      1. Just look for 12-oz regular mouth jars! Wide mouth jars in 16-oz and 24-oz sizes work if you’re looking to freeze slightly larger quantities. 24-oz are hard to find in stores though.

  13. Hello,

    Great topic to blog! What kind of health Benefits have you noticed since you started juicing?

    Have a great day!!


    1. Hi, Sandi. Nothing specific health benefit wise. We just know we are getting a nice amount of nutrition that is easy on the digestive system, and we are grateful for the health we have. What’s due to the juicing and what to other things we are doing or not doing, who knows?

  14. Hey, Teri! Thank you for this post! You have inspired me to start juicing again. It used to be a daily habit, but when I was pregnant with my oldest, there was a batch that just didn’t sit well and I haven’t since. But after seeing all those fresh vegetables and fruit, I’m excited to start! I love using lots of greens, cucumbers and lemoms. I always notice my skin is so healthy and just shines.

  15. I also juice occasionally, but not regularly. My mother juiced when I was growing up, she even gave me carrot juice in my bottle as a baby. My uncle claims she gave me so much that my nose turned orange! I would love to juice more regularly – I always feel like I am getting so much good nutrition when I juice.
    I would add that I have also frozen the juice in mason jars and it works great. But I only have used the 8 oz. ones. It is convenient to take out the jars and they thaw and are ready to drink from! And also reusable – a win-win all around.

    1. I hope all that nutritious juice you drank growing up has given you great health now. I can picture the convenience of thawing the mason jar with juice and drinking right from it. That’s how it is for us the days we drink the juice fresh.

  16. I have been blessed with very good health – I do like to think that my mother laid a good foundation for me – she always made sure I ate very nutritious food. And now that I am in my forties, I am more inclined to want to eat nutritious food to maintain my good health – I really do have her to thank for that.

    1. Seems like your mom was on the cutting edge of the healthy-eating focus and gave you that solid start plus simply the appetite for the nutritious food. You are blessed!

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