Random Life From Heat to Mountains

I’m so excited to share this Random Life post with you. Life has been full and very blessed.

Jesse’s big project this summer has been the two bathroom remodels, and with help (a big thank you to all the family who did!), they were completed just before the renters needed the house mid-August. I’ll share a separate post about the work project!

It seemed we had a lot of traveling too. The last Random Life I posted from my West Coast trip, and then the day after I got home, Anna went to Canada for a friend’s wedding. The next week, we left for Colorado!

You’ve seen less of me because I’m editing my new book with the copyeditor date approaching! I’m really excited to share more details.

Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy Random Life!


We celebrated Dad’s birthday with just our immediate family. Then, we did a triple birthday party (Dad, Mom, and Mary’s) with all the relatives a bit later. I’ll probably share a post on that if I remember! 🙂 (Trivia here: spot Arnold in the above picture: a place he likes!)

Jesse gave us a house tour that night. I’d been gone
for 10 days and hadn’t seen it for a while even before that. 

Nathan and Melanie’s crew participated in the summer Bible Bee study and
enjoyed attending monthly events, often with GiGi.

Many hours put into Jesse’s house

Anna flew to Canada for a friend’s wedding and was so blessed.

Beautiful sunset over the prairie

Wouldn’t you love to take one of these bunnies home?!

Anna with the bride and her sister

Brothers and Buddies

We girls went on a birthday run with Bethany! This little 8-year-old is a great runner.

Then, she enjoyed a birthday breakfast with her daddy.

These two.

Babies are enjoyed here at the Maxwells

Mary making a favorite treat of Mom’s: pie crust, with butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Deliciousness right there

Mom’s birthday happened right before we left for Colorado.

Anna Marie & Co brought over shortbread for Mom

Drive to Colorado

Coffee in Colby

This was actually done as a Live Photo, and if you look carefully, you’ll see the best part of it.

Hiking Princeton. The beauty of seeing the sun rise.

Loved our hikes!

Mount of the Holy Cross hike–an adventure for sure! That post will be coming!

Ice cream after their big hike (and French fries)

Anna discovered this in her coffee one morning during Bible time

Back in Kansas, Ellie was well taken care of by Christopher’s family. Here Ruthie’s holding onto her collar while one of the kids hides–then Ellie goes and finds the person. It’s our Find Me game and loved by all.

Lydia’s hiding spot

Enjoying some cuddles before Ellie came back home

I spent a lot of time editing in Colorado. I loved the gorgeous setting!

Speaking of cuddles, these two “kittens” at
Nathan and Melanie’s are so cute.

Catching up on Titus2 orders when we got home!

Grilled pizza Anna made

This doesn’t look good. I think he was considering jumping on the table.

Anna took Calia on a rain walk. Talk about adorable.

Anna, Mary, and me out with Melanie
for ice cream to celebrate her birthday

My editing buddy.

Saturday projects

Smiles all around from these sweet girls.

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
in believing, that ye may abound in hope,
through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

Romans 15:13

37 thoughts on “Random Life From Heat to Mountains”

  1. I love random life posts! The babies are growing up fast!
    Also, Anna’s grilled pizza looks so yummy:)

  2. Lot’s of fun pics! Thanks for sharing!
    Storm is taking photography class now so I think a day in the life at home will be a good thing to do on occasion.
    Now I’m not well versed in photog lingo but the live shot, did someone throw the bag of snacks in the air or did an empty bag fly out of the car?
    My fav pic….the rain walk! I love that the family allows the littles to play in the rain. I was allowed to do that growing up on the farm and I still love it!
    Yep, Arnold has his ears cocked back getting ready to soar! LOL!!
    The book though!! Oh we’ve waited not so patiently, or maybe NOT so patiently huh?!
    Blessings ya’ll!

    1. The bag was thrown in the air. I loved that rain photo too. I am also blessed that the aunties will take their nieces and nephews out in the rain and then get them changed from their wet rain gear into dry clothes. What a help to a mommy! Book is making great progress.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoy your random life posts. It looks like Ellie was very well taken care of while you were gone!

    1. I enjoyed the updates and photos of Ellie’s time with Christopher and Anna Marie’s family. Not only was Ellie well taken care of, but she provided hours of enjoyment for the children as you saw in the photos.

    1. Arnold and Ellie are quite the loved additions to our family. We just talked about how a year ago this time, Arnold was still the outside, stray cat that we were feeding.

  4. Can’t wait to hear about your Holy Cross hike. We’ve been thinking about doing that one for years. Maybe next year!

  5. I absolutely LOVE random life posts!

    On a book-related note, I have given the Moody books to my ESL pupils and they absolutely love them! There you go, Sarah: your books truly have endless possibilities 🙂

    Many blessings,


  6. Wow, I knew it was dry in western Kansas. But palm trees in the Colby area is shocking! Global warming I guess.

    1. Would you believe those palm trees are metal? While others were in getting coffee, I stood by our van parked near one. In the wind, it made the strangest creaking noises you can imagine – especially from what looks like a tree!

  7. Great pictures! Seems like you all have had a busy, fun, and productive summer. I’m looking forward to hearing the details about Sarah’s new book! I’d love to see a Maxwell Family Cookbook at some point as well! Thanks for sharing your lives with us readers!

  8. Hello Sarah 🙂
    Do you ever have book signings ? What kind of writing program do you have? love all the pics of family life you all share. The Maxwells are blessed indeed.

    1. No book signings as in the kind where the author goes to a book store. Sarah writes, edits, and revises her books in Word. After the professional proofreader finishes with it, and we won’t make any more changes to it, we move it Adobe’s Indesign where it is formatted for printing.

  9. So enjoyed these pictures. They brighten up my day! Loved the Arnold, Ellie, kittens shots too! Thank you for sharing.

    1. You must be an animal lover, Linda. Christina’s kittens have grown up so much, but they are still adorable. When Christina first got them, and they would come over here, the girls would say, “Wow, Arnold looks like a bobcat compared to the kittens.” Now I go to their house and say, “Wow, those kittens look almost as big as Arnold.” They have some really fun kitten sibling stories that they like to tell, and we enjoy hearing, including story about the one kitten who tries to give the other one tree climbing lessons!

  10. Great pics! I am a little confused though about the birthday celebrations. What is the difference with “immediate” family and “relatives”? Immediate family includes siblings, too! Who are the “relatives”? Are there lots of local cousins and such? Sorry for the confusion!

    1. Immediate family is just the way we choose to identify those who still live in our home. Right now that is Steve and me, Sarah, Anna, Jesse, and Mary. Other relatives include our married children, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and my mom, who is our backyard neighbor.

  11. Sarah, as a copyeditor, it brings a smile to my face to see how diligently you work on your edits and revisions 🙂 Your editor must love you! (Also, thank you for more Ellie pics. What a photogenic doggo she is!)

    P.s. Forgive any errors or typos. I’ve found they’re pretty much a given in any comment I begin with “As a copyeditor…” Proof God has a sense of humor perhaps? 😉

  12. love all these pics but have to admit my faves are the Ellie/Arnold combos. Happy birthday to the birthday girls Betsy and Melanie. Can’t wait to hear more about the book Sarah. 🙂

  13. It’s so sweet that Ellie plays “Find Me” with the children! I love the photo of them all on the floor and for a second the baby doll laying with her leg up looked real! So cute.

    1. When I looked at that photo with the girls on the floor with Ellie, I thought it was Elizabeth with them. My girls had to tell me it was a baby doll. Of course, I was using my phone and the photo was small, and I am getting older, and their dolls are life size – but still!!

  14. Love these posts! So much goodness in all these pictures. Thank you for taking your time to share them! <3

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