Monday Afternoon

We’ll share on the Mt. Princeton adventure later, but Monday afternoon, we piled into Jesse’s rented Jeep and went to explore an area.

As we drove along the bouncy road (sorry, didn’t get pictures!), I made a comment that this area would be perfect to see wildlife. Literally 2 minutes later, we spotted 2 moose. 🙂 Totally awesome. See if you can find them in the picture below. We stopped and spent time watching.


Moose watching

Here’s a close-up

At the end of the road, we got out and explored up a path and into an area surrounded by mountains. We found ourselves comfy places and enjoyed the sunshine and quiet time.

Checking out the echo

Dad’s favorite mountain is in the background (Jones Mountain). We wanted to climb it this year, but it didn’t work out to keep the Jeep for a day longer. The road is just too rough for the mini-van. Dad takes the mini down some interesting dirt roads, but there is a point when it is too much! 🙂 

“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised
in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.”
Psalm 48:1

12 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon”

    1. The amazing thing was that the brush was so tall, you could only see the heads of the moose. They were standing up, but at first it looked like one was lying down.

  1. Looks like a nice day. Beautiful scenery. I was surprised to see the sky was so clear. I thought there might be more haze from the wildfires in California or Canada. Where I live in ND we currently have a lot of haze from the British Columbia Canada fires. It has made for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but many struggle with the poor air quality.

    1. The first few days we were here, there was some smoke haze. After rains on Tuesday, it cleared up quite a bit. Wednesday morning was the first morning where we saw the bright, blue sky we are used to seeing in Colorado.

  2. I love all of your beautiful photos. The one from yesterday’s post is absolutely breathtaking! Sarah is truly a gifted photographer. I’m so glad you are all able to enjoy this family time together, and thank you for making your readers feel as if we were there too! Blessings to all of you!

  3. Storm and I love animals if all kinds and even more so to see them wild in their own habitats! It is just a huge blessing to see them living life unabstructed. Beautiful pics.


  4. Neat to see a moose! I know what you mean about those mountain roads. When we go to the smokys my dad has become famous for taking us down all these crazy mountain roads in the dark trying to find the cabin! I personally like it when mom reads him the directions to the cabin and we stay on main roads! lol.

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