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Today, I’m sharing a post from Anna. I think you’ll find it extremely helpful and eye-opening. We’re often asked questions to which the answer is Google It!

People might ask:

  • How did you figure out how to stop that annoying Windows Update pop-up?
  • Where do you find fun children’s activities?
  • How did you figure out how to connect that printer to your computer?
  • How do you self-publish a book?
  • Where do I find the recipe for the s’mores cake? 


My answer: Google.

Sometimes, when I worked on computers and got stuck, I asked Nathan, my computer instructor, for help. The first thing he said was, “Have you Googled it?” From there, I learned to go to Google for answers to various questions such as I have listed above. For example, take the recipe for the s’mores cake above. You can Google the phrase, “recipe for s’mores cake,” and you’ll get lots of results!

Google is a great tool, but please make sure to turn on Safe Search. You do this by going to, then in the very bottom right corner, it says Settings. Click that, then click Search Settings. Near the top, checkmark the box that says Turn on Safe Search.

Serving Jesus,

“To receive the instruction of wisdom,
justice, and judgment, and equity.”
Proverbs 1:3

9 thoughts on “Google It”

  1. Yes! Google is amazing! Another safety feature is to also use Firefox as your browser. It helps block pop-ups!

  2. We live in an interesting time where not everyone grew up with the internet and so not everyone thinks to use it for research or problem-solving 🙂 For me it’s second nature to reach for my phone when I need to look something up, but as a younger person I google information for my parents, aunts, uncles, and other older adults all the time!

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