Jesse’s House Progress

I thought y’all might enjoy seeing progress on Jesse’s house. In between renters, he’s renovating the main bath and master bath!

Talking through things.


Some brotherly advice going on here.

I do not have a wide angle, and this is a small space, so it’s hard to show it all! This is the main bath above.

Nathan is there in the master bath.

I love this picture. Drew stopped in with his mommy and was looking around at things.

Abby did a great clean up job!

“I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.”
Psalm 77:12

11 thoughts on “Jesse’s House Progress”

  1. Aw! It’s neat to see all the diligence and hard work you all put into various projects. And it’s so good for the children to be able to see all that and be part of it.

    P.S. Very random … but the grape Zevia is my favorite!

  2. Great job all!
    Will be amazing and so much cheaper doing the work yourselves.
    You have been trained well!

  3. Excellent progress! I hope the new tenant will appreciate the hard work, and take good care of the property!

  4. This is so exciting to see, Sarah! Your brothers’ debt-free home purchases and renovations are inspiring.

  5. Neat! I didn’t know he was renting the house out. Is that John who grew a beard in the last picture?

      1. Oh. Maybe it looks more full in that picture. Or maybe I’m not too observant! 🙂

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