Revamp Your Chore System This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to put together a chore system if you don’t have one or revise the one you have. I did this early in the summer to teach new chores and give the children practice with them before the faster pace of the school-year schedule.

I reassigned chores between the older children so each would become proficient in all the various chores. I gave all the children new chores. That meant evaluating what each was capable of doing and assigning chores based on that. When we reached a stage where everyone was able to do most of the chores, I would list the chores and have each child indicate which ones he would prefer to do.

If you have older and younger children, remember to move age-appropriate chores down the age chain. Sometimes we are stuck in the easy mode of leaving the chores with the older children when younger ones can do them.

Managers of Their Chores not only will help you plan out how you’ll juggle chores but it also gives you the tools (including a ChorePack Kit) to help your children be successful.


The ChorePacks have been the key to that system: they’re like little ID badge holders and the child’s chores go inside that holder, and clips onto their clothes. Our ChorePacks were specially designed and manufactured just for this use!

Sarah’s next Random Life post will be Wednesday! She has some great photos in store for you.

Trusting in Jesus,

“Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening” (Psalm 104:23).

8 thoughts on “Revamp Your Chore System This Summer!”

  1. Oh my, is that Abigail with the ChorePack? So cute!

    I actually implemented a kind of chore system for my students at school. It makes them accountable for what they do or don’t do, and they also feel a deep sense of accomplishment when they manage to keep up with their school-related “chores”.

    This just to say that chores and ChorePacks truly have a million uses and can easily be adapetd to any situation or scenario!

    Many blessings,


    1. Yes, that is Abigail! You’re right. Yes, children do feel a sense of accomplishment when they do chores! 🙂 Hey, I feel accomplished when I clean too! 🙂

  2. I SO needed this post and reminder! I was just thinking I need to figure out purpose in summer. Thank you for your wisdom, I will start here:) blessings.

  3. I used to have chore packs for a long time. Now I usually remember most of my chores. My little siblings have chore charts they follow. Hope you have a great summer! 🙂

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