The Babysitting Week

Recently, Nathan took Melanie and Benjamin with him on a business trip + special time away. He asked if Anna could watch the children, and of course, she said yes! In addition, Mom and Mary helped out.

Mom’s “job” brought back memories of her by-gone days: she taught school to the kids. The girls and Drew liked their grandma-teacher!

Mary’s work schedule didn’t allow her to help tons but she took opportunities to when she could. My sisters know how to make ordinary out-of-the ordinary and throw in some special things too.

Anna reading with the children.

Snack time.

Mary was babysitting some friends’ kids, and they stopped in to say “hello” to us and then Anna’s crew!

Taking them on an adventure walk to the secret stream.

Anna brought a Cheez-It snack for them which they enjoyed after exploring.

Cheez-Its powered Ellie home who thought it was too warm to keep walking. But the Cheez-Its worked as a motivator to help her home.

Mom doing school with the kids.

Anna and Mary planned a Joshua + Tina birthday party (they’re 2 weeks apart). They invited all the nieces and nephews and then our immediate family. Here Betsy is prepping grilled cheese sandwiches.

Setting up.

Jesse enjoying the kids and weather.

The cake I made: chocolate and yellow cakes (stacked) and decorated in purple (Tina’s fave) and green (for Joshua).

Joshua and Tina.

The lunch menu was: grilled cheese sandwiches, apple slices, Pringles, and cake.

Calia arrived a little late, and she was pretty cute giving her colored picture to Joshua.


It looks like Jesse is telling everyone a story.


One of the kids made Joshua those green glasses.

Legos from Grandpa and Grandma.

Sandbox toys

The birthday party planners!

Evening walks.

Stopping at a playset!

SpikeBall, Abby learning from Jesse

My sisters have such a servant’s heart. Because Nathan and Melanie would be home just about a day before Mother’s Day, Anna planned a menu Melanie loved for breakfast and took the kids shopping.

See that huge Mother’s Day card?!

She planned delicious meals, and Drew was often her helper.

Anna Maxwell

“… but by love serve one another.”
Galatians 5:13

23 thoughts on “The Babysitting Week”

  1. Enyojed reading this post.
    How sweet of them to help so Malanie could come with Nathan. Does Nathan go often on business trips?
    Can’t believe Joshua and Tina are 6 already?! Like the cake you made Sarah.

    Thanks for thanking the time to post on here.

  2. You all make the most of the opportunities you have to pour into the lives of your family. It is so encouraging to see the ways you joyfully serve one another.

  3. You mentioned Mary’s job. Now I’m curious- what do the Maxwell girls do for jobs? I am a nanny, and I have always wondered if one of you girls is a nanny too.

  4. Impressed with your cake! (Purple and green are my two favorite colors). I can make one that’s tasty, but not one that’s that pretty. I hope the kids loved it (Not that children usually have any trouble enjoying cake of course!) 🙂 Love getting a glimpse of your spring and noting the similarities to my own. (And many thanks for another Ellie pic! So sweet.)

    1. Mary had the idea to stack them, and then I had ideas as I went. Really neat to do, except my frosting was a bit too thick! YES! The kids LOVED it!!!! Ellie is a big highlight with all the kids! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it and that we’re similar!

  5. Love this family. Thank you for the many years of super exciting blog posts!

  6. Do you decorate cakes very often? I love to do cake decorating and have about a hundred different tips and other assorted things. Before I got married, I would decorate my siblings birthday cakes but haven’t done anything beyond that. I did my own wedding cakes and a special cake for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I’m too busy now with my little boys to do it now.

    1. I don’t. I used to in my teen years as I took a class at a local cake shop, and then when the younger five were little, I decorated. Maybe now with a growing number of nieces + nephews I will! 🙂

  7. Sarah you did a fantastic job on that cake! It looks amazing. Such a sweet birthday celebration, that was so nice of Anna and Mary. Love the pictures! So funny about Ellie and the Cheez-Its! 🙂

  8. This post is so fun!! That cake looks fantastic, wonderful job Sarah!! Those little kids won’t forget the special times y’all make for them. Too sweet! <3

  9. Happy birthday to Joshua and Tina! They’re the same age as my little sister Joyanna – 6!!! Love the cake you decorated. I hope to do a little cake decorating this summer. I might give some to some of the people at my church!

  10. I love the dress Tina wore at the birthday party. Any chance you could find out what brand it is if you get a minute?

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