A Walk to the Park

Wednesday afternoon, Anna had the beautiful idea to walk to the park and meet up with Mom, Melanie, and crew. The funny part is I’ve never considered this park walking distance. Probably because it’s not in our normal exercise radius. Yet, it easily was, and I have to say that walking somewhere instead of driving felt really great. So, we headed out with Christopher’s oldest three. Ruthie kept Ellie and me company in the back while Anna pushed Liddy in the stroller, and Joshua randomly walked between all of us. We missed Mary, but she had a big work project.

The playground echoed with lots of happy laughter, and the sunny skies and pleasant temperatures were the perfect touch. Ellie got herself a fan club and received tons of attention from happy children of all ages. Mom and Anna kept busy keeping tabs on all the littles.

Benji has been my little buddy lately, and he’s pretty enthralled with my dog!

When we were done, Anna and I walked home with a different set of youngers. I should say the older-youngers. Abby, Bethany, and Amelia, my cousin’s daughter. A perfect way to end a great afternoon!

Little things like this add a sweet sparkle to a day. What could you do with your children or nieces + nephews or brothers + sisters or grandchildren this week?


“Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits.”
Psalm 103:2

6 thoughts on “A Walk to the Park”

  1. We paint rocks and hide them in our local parks and recreation areas. Since Farmers Market has begun this year, we offer a free treat to any child who stops by our booth with one of our painted rocks!

    Does Leavenworth “Rock”?


  2. Hi,Thanks for the post.

    This is the day the LORD has made;we will rejoice and be glad in it.psalm:118:24
    Nice pictures!

  3. Made it to the park yesterday with our little ones, haven’t been for ages, thanks for the encouragement!

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