Delicious Vegetable Beef Soup

Remember when I multitasked and browned ground beef for something sometime? I was working in the kitchen doing other meal prep.

Recently, we put that ground beef to good use. All the kitchen helpers were going to be busy during normal lunch (which is our bigger meal of the day) prep the next day. We decided to make soup the afternoon before that could simply be heated up the next day.

We had available:

  • ground beef
  • a small ziplock bag of green onions that had been previously chopped and frozen
  • about 8 cups of frozen pork roast broth
  • frozen little smokies sausages
  • frozen tomato sauce
  • big bag of organic frozen mixed vegetables from Costco

The pork roast broth was a good amount of liquid for the amount of meat we were using. We just put it into a pot to defrost and boil. I dumped the ground beef into the pot along with the green onions. Then I sliced some of the little smokies sausagesan amount that seemed to compliment the ground beef as secondary meat.

When we tasted the broth that way, we decided not to use the tomato sauce since the flavor was already delicious.

Then we let that simmer a while before adding the mixed vegetables and boiling them.

We finished the seasoning by adding garlic salt and other seasonings to taste.

The result? Delicious soup! If your weather is anything like we’re experiencing in Kansas, soup is the perfect thing right now.

Trusting in Jesus,

“O taste and see that the LORD is good:
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”
Psalm 34:8

9 thoughts on “Delicious Vegetable Beef Soup”

  1. Try starting scratch soups by first sautéing 1 – 2 diced onions and 1 – 3 cloves of garlic; then add fresh or frozen vegetables and saute them. Remove the vegetables, leave in the onions and garlic and continue on with the meats and broth any grains/rice/potatoes/pulses. Put the vegetables back in toward the end of cooking to maintain nutrition, colour, flavour. Add a Tbsp. of tomato paste and or Tbsp. of brown sugar to deepen flavour. Let soups simmer rather than boil. These things will make a tasty difference and reduce the amount of salt needed.

    I keep a pot of soup in the fridge at all times – new batch made every week. For our family with different schedules, anyone can readily help themselves to a great breakfast alternative, easy ready-made meal, or, late-night snack.


  2. Not exactly a comment about the soup, but since you used little smokies in it I thought I’d ask. Have you ever made little smokies over a campfire? My sister-in-law introduced me to this and it is the best campfire snack! The cheese smokies are especially good but the regular ones are delicious too. Just poke them on a marshmallow roaster the short way (you can fit quite a few per batch) and roast until your preferred level of doneness. Use a fork to slide them off the roasting stick onto a plate and try to resist eating them until they cool a bit. I hope you try a them at a summer backyard fire or while camping in Colorado, you will not regret it.

  3. Mmmmm… looks good. You Maxwell ladies are great cooks! Bet you have to make a lot, you have a lot of big eaters in your family. (Maybe not as many now that some of the guys are married.) 🙂

    1. Just by looking at it. We don’t have an inventory system. I did try that many years ago, but it was hard for me to take time to write down what went in and what went out and I never made it a priority. We keep certain things in certain parts of the freezer so that helps us know quickly what’s available in things like frozen leftovers, plain beans for the grandchildren for Sunday burrito lunches, frozen cookie dough balls, fruit, and veggies. Meat is in another freezer.

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