Children’s Reading Books That Motivate Sharing Christ

Summer with the Moodys
Summer with the Moodys

Eternity. That’s what matters. As you moms pour yourselves into your children and do the daily taskswiping the runny noses, reworking yet another math problem, looking into the eyes of a child who just disobeyedmore than anything, you desire to see Jesus in their lives.

Do you know that a simple reading book can be an excellent discipleship tool, all through an engaging storyline? Check out the Moody Family Series. 10 titles plus 2 Christmas stories that will inspire your children to be more like Jesus and share Him with others. Remember, you receive free shipping at $35 from Titus2. It’s our way to bless you!

Read what two moms just shared with us regarding the fruit from Moody books in their children’s lives. To me, this makes writing all worth it.

My daughter, Emma (7), has even begun witnessing to other children she meets using the “Good Person” test.  This week already she’s witnessed to 4 people (1 brother, 1 cousin, and 2 kids at the park).  There are also times when I’ll hear my children saying to each other, “Would the Moodys do (act, say) _____?”  I’m as excited as the kids wanting to know what happens next as the stories continue.  I find myself relating to Emily Moody at times and even feel convicted about certain areas in my life as we read along. Mandi

I have to tell you, Samuel’s been an avid, excellent reader since age 3.5 (he’s 7 now), and it’s SO HARD to find him books.  We’ve found a few we thought were ok, and he’d promptly start them and say, “Nope. This one isn’t good because of (insert issue here).” He was just beaming reading yours. I was showing him how you add your “Not All Fiction!” section at the end of each book. His eyes widened, and he said, “WAIT! You mean the Moodys aren’t a REAL family?” Hahahaha! He was partly crushed and partly amused! He just loves them. He’s read the whole series like three times now! And he’s been writing out the Bible verses you chose in your books, and he’s been giving them to doctors, repair people, etc. He was very inspired by how the Moodys shared Jesus with others! Kelli

“And of some have compassion, making a difference: And
others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating
even the garment spotted by the flesh.”
(Jude 1:22)

15 thoughts on “Children’s Reading Books That Motivate Sharing Christ”

  1. The Moody series means a whole lot to me. You did a great job! I must admit that I have read the whole series over three times too! They are such good books and so interesting too!

  2. I was at your conference in Fort Smith and looked through one of the Moody books and decided against purchasing them until my kids get older. (They’re all preschool aged and younger). Then I ordered a package of books from your website and it came with some of the Moody series. So I thought, well it wouldn’t hurt to have our kids practice listening for information. So, in the past week we’ve been reading the first Moody book and our kids now look forward to when I read a chapter (or two!) a day. I’ve noticed they like to look at pictures so much they neglect to turn their ears on when I’m reading to them. This is great practice and the story itself is wholesome enough I don’t worry about what inappropriate thing I will have to correct in my little ones later.

  3. Sarah, you’re doing a wonderful thing in writing and making available these books for children! In our world today I think books such as the Moody books are especially needed, so thank you for writing them. I’m already looking forward to sharing them with my sweet grandbaby when she’s a little older (she just turned 8 months!). God bless you.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

  4. I recently got this set for my girls and my oldest who is almost 6, daily will go get the book before our regular reading time and ask me to read to her, she cant get enough of the Moody family! Interestingly enough I have noticed a change in attitude in my almost 6 year old and 4 year old. Since we started reading they have been much more eager to help and do chores with out being asked! Thank you so much for this wonderful series!

  5. Joyanna and I read a chapter of Moody’s every night. She LOVES it (me too). We’re on book #9 right now. She often tries to copy the Moody kids good behavior and has trouble understanding they’re not a real family! Lol. Thank you for writing such great books. By the way, what age do you reccomend for “Sunflowers Christmas Miracle”? It seems to be for children a little older than the rest of the Moody books. Are you working on a new book? How’s it coming along?

    1. You are sweet to read to Joyanna. I know she would love that! Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle is geared toward children 8-14. Yes, since the Moodys have grown up some, it is geared slightly higher. My next book isn’t quite in process. Hit a temporary obstacle but should be at it soon!

  6. We have cycled the whole set of books so many times I’ve lost count. All of my kids have enjoyed them! My oldest is now 18 and sometimes when she hears me reading them to the younger two she will come listen for old time’s sake because that was a sweet memory for her (and me!).
    One day we were delivering treats to our neighbors and my little boy said, “Hey, this is like something the Moody’s would do!” Then another day he came and told me that something was wrong with the toilet. I told him I would be there in a minute to check it out. He left the room, came back, and said he fixed it. I asked him how he knew what to do and he said he learned from the Moody boys. These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impression these books have left on my children. I could keep going with cute stories. Thank you, Sarah!! Your books have been a blessing, a learning time, and a memory-maker for our family.

  7. Joyanna and I enjoy reading Moody’s every night! Thank you for writing such good, wholesome books. Any new writing projects yet? 🙂

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