Calling All Children’s Toothpaste Experts

Update: WOW! Okay, so you overwhelmed me with all your toothpaste comments. I guess there are some real toothpaste expert readers! 🙂 

Yes! You read that right. We’re calling all children’s toothpaste experts to help Nathan and Melanie out. Maybe you didn’t know there was such a thing, but I’m sure some of you are.

You know how kids are with toothpaste. What is it that makes children think it’s delicious?

Nathan would like a good toothpaste that’s healthy but doesn’t taste like candy.

Suggestions, please? Leave them in the comment section below. You’ll not only help Nathan but many other readers.

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84 thoughts on “Calling All Children’s Toothpaste Experts”

  1. Hi! I’ve been using Dr. Bronners toothpaste for years with my little ones. Just a tiny bit is needed because it’s a bit on the hot side but they eventually get use to it. And I haven’t found anyone munching on it yet! I get the peppermint and cinnamon flavor. It’s also floride free. I have to purchase it at the health food store.

  2. In our family we use Tom’s of Main fluoride free toothpaste, we all like the peppermint and spearmint flavors. Our children have, at times, used more than they need of the spearmint flavor (because it tastes good). We also have found a toothpaste dispenser to be helpful in controlling the amount used. We got one on amazon that is blue and white, nothing fancy. At the time we had 5 children and now we have 10 children and the dispenser is still going strong. The only change we made to it is my husband designed a plastic tray to mount under it for when a curious person pressed the button or it was a mis on alignment of paste and toothbrush. We probably won’t go back to the old “squeeze the tube” again!

  3. Earthpaste! 🙂 My kids like the lemon or peppermint flavors. It doesn’t foam, but it’s safe if swallowed.

  4. I have no suggestions but vividly recall getting in trouble as a child because my cousin and I all but ate an entire tube of glittery bubble gum flavored toothpaste! Best wishes on the quest for a less appealing children’s brand.

  5. We’ve used Young Living’s kids toothpaste for several years and love it – none of our children have cavities and the toothpaste is very pleasant tasting, but not “delicious.” My husband likes it better than any adult toothpaste we’ve tried, so he uses it, too.

    1. Young living does have a great toothpaste! I use their thieves essential oil to make a mouth wash that is amazing! It is almost as good as theirs.

  6. We use Ganozhi herbal toothpaste – made from mushrooms, in fact. It’s not minty tasting and you only use a very small amount. It has a cinnamon and clove flavour. It’s not exactly “delicious” so I cannot imagine kids eating it like lollies. 🙂

  7. Redmond Earth Paste is all natural healthy ingredients. It doesn’t taste nasty but it doesn’t taste like candy either. Also it is brown so it doesn’t look yummy.

  8. Our children, 12, 9, 7 & 5, all love Earthpaste.
    Earthpaste was started by a family looking for a safe, natural toothpaste for their children, but could not find one. They stated making their own and now sell it for others that are looking for a healthy, natural toothpaste. It only has 4 ingredients that you can pronounce! 🙂 It has no glycerin, fluoride or foaming agents or artificial coloring. Because this is a non-foaming toothpaste, it does take some time getting used to. It is safe enough to swallow, which was nice when our children were younger.
    They have several different flavors but our favorites are Peppermint and Spearmint, which taste very good and leaves your teeth feeling very clean!!
    We have used Earthpaste for years and we all love it!!!!
    If you have any questions about this toothpaste please feel free to contact me.
    Hope this helps!

  9. Hello from Greece: I ‘ve met a dentist, who said that she often offers her patients safer alternatives to toothpaste: soda powder, or ground unprocessed sea salt, the latter being excellent for tightening the gums as well. Hope this helps!

  10. We use either Earthpaste or PerioBrite for all of us, young and old. The most recent report from my almost-9-year old was that it didn’t taste good. Personally, the taste is just fine to me: either minty or cinnamon-y, without sweetening and foaming.

  11. We use and love Tom’s of Maine (fluoride free). We used the regular adults’ peppermint for all of us for years and then recently tried their kid’s strawberry flavor. Perfect if the peppermint is too spicy! It is not very sweet and I doubt the littles would want to swallow it 🙂 Tom’s is great!!

  12. We’ve tried so many natural toothpaste over the years and have even made our own toothpaste. The homemade toothpaste cleaned wonderful, but it was difficult to dispense and some of the kids didn’t like it. Our absolute favorite tooth paste that all of us love is Dr. Mercola toothpaste with tulsi-cool mint. It’s a healthy toothpaste and really cleans the kids teeth. This toothpaste actually cleans with a noticeable difference. Its not the cheapest toothpaste out there. I believe it’s almost $8 a tube, but it it last a long time and definitely worth the money. It’s also much neater than Toms (meaning it’s not so runny). I hope that helps! Good luck with your search!

  13. I have a natural skincare business, and I make toothpaste that is safe for children (and adults). It does not taste like candy, but it is brown from the Bentonite clay, so it doesn’t look appealing. It tastes fine though.

  14. My kids don’t mind the original colgate and crest. We also have Doterra Onguard toothpaste in which we all like. My kids are: 6, 13, 14, and 17. Oh, I hope this helps.

  15. I wasn’t going to add a comment , but I noticed no one mentioned OraWellness products. Look them up – they’re amazing. They also show you the only scientifically-proven method for removing the plaque/bad bugs with their unique brushing technique. Their products are amazing and we’ve remineralized two of our children’s teeth using them. I’m not affiliated with them – just a very happy customer! 🙂 Blessings!

  16. Hello from Mexico. I made for my babies ( they are 2 and 1 year old) toothpaste with coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate. You can add mint or eucalyptus oil, but I do not know if the children of that ages can eat those essential oils. Blessings

  17. We really like the Orawellness as well, though one child does not like the peppermint. This product has healed my gums and keeps them healthy, mouth fresh etc.
    We also have begun using plain milk of magnesia from $General for regular brushing teeth and mouth rinse. This seems to be remineralizing our teeth. Check it out!
    Btw, MoM is also a great deodorant, body lotion and medical aid for most any application. MoM is now my first go-to for any injury, itch, rash, pain, sunburn(no peeling) etc. I literally never leave home without my MoM!
    Every cell needs magnesium for health…and healing.
    Our dollars are doing double duty b/c we’re getting all those natural, gentle personal care items as well as a good magnesium supplement that does not bother the gastro-intestinal system.

  18. I use Crest mint flavored toothpaste (and my dad too). It’s good for anybody old enough to not swallow it. For my siblings ages 3 & 5, my mom uses Toms strawberry flavored kids toothpaste. That’s healthy and tasty enough for kids to be willing to use it but doesn’t taste like candy. For the 1 1/2 year old, she uses Toms toddler training mild fruit flavored toothpaste. My mom has used the Kiss My Face brand. She now makes her own toothpaste. It looks like mud. 🙂 Here is her recipe:

    1/4 cup bentonite clay powder
    2 tsp. Xylitol
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 C water
    5 drops peppermint essential oil (to make orange creamsicle toothpaste (more kid friendly) use 10 drops orange essential oil and 5 drops vanilla essential oil)

    Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Don’t use a metal bowl or utensils. Add water, mix. Add essential oil, mix. Store in glass jar or toothpaste tube. You can use any essential oil flavor you want.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  19. I am mom of 12. I have been a wellness consultant for a LONG time and I personally research ingredients as well as the effectiveness of the products that we use in our home. Affordability is also a factor. Over the years the oral care products that we have tried and still use would be, Jason Power Smile, Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste/Mint…and the number one favorite due to its effectiveness… Thieves Dentarome Ultra (TDU). TDU has helped us with canker sores and abscesses, whitening and maintenance. With my littles, I was the toothpaste dispenser (or a capable older child or adult helper). Make certain to avoid fluoride and SLS (sodium laurel sulfate/foaming agent). Only a teensy tiny amount of toothpaste is needed for anyone brushing. We also prefer Norwex toothbrushes/Medium which are effective using even less toothpaste or none at all. Hope this helps. Blessings! Mrs. S.

  20. We use Young Living essential oils toothpaste. Their products are totally safe and healthy. If you have not tried their products, I highly recommend them!

  21. I like to use the “Sweet Fennel Natural Tooth Cleanser.” I like the taste, but I don’t think it tastes like candy. (I tried the peppermint-flavored one, but it is too strong for my liking, and I haven’t tried the cinnamon and spearmint flavors). It seems to work well, and only a tiny amount is needed (they say “half a pea-sized amount”, which is a good idea) . I need to store my extra little “tube” in the fridge so it doesn’t go bad! It’s all natural, and organic except for the baking soda.

  22. Hi Sarah, Upon our dentist’s recommendation we use an adult toothpaste (with 1450 ppm fluoride) for the children (aged 5,7,8,10), all apart from the tiniest one (Naomi-2,almost 3). Our favourite is Oral B Complete Fresh with mouthwash. A fresh taste, but not too strong. Go for the freshmint or peppermint flavours. Don’t get the one with whitening, as it will be abrasive, so not suitable for children. This is available in the UK, but you would probably get it (or similar) in the USA too.
    Hope this helps. Peter

  23. We use Weleda Children’s tooth gel, fluoride free or Tom’s of Maine Children’s Fluoride free Silly Strawberry. The Weleda is good for the youngest children, as it does not have a strong flavor.

  24. Adult crest tooth paste. It keeps cavities away, and doesn’t taste like candy! I have 7, fixing to be 8 children and my kids haven’t had a cavity yet!

  25. Oh, also if you only use a pea size, swallowing won’t harm them (if they swallow). My kids are: 10, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 11mon (don’t use tooth paste with her), and baby due 15wks!

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