Caroling, A Long Lost Tradition

Sunday late afternoon, we embarked on our yearly tradition of caroling to neighbors. We first started caroling almost 25 years ago with Grandad and GiGi to the route GiGi delivered Meals on Wheels to. Over time, we began doing it in our neighborhood. We’re guessing maybe 10-15 years. Whomever in the family can come is welcome, and this year, everyone was able to make it (including the 10-days-away-from-wedding-date groom).

Without question, Sunday evening turned out to be our best ever! It seemed most everyone was home, the temperatures moderate, the joy on our friends’ faces amazing, and the little ones sang out like never before. Truly a sweet time to share Jesus’ love through Christmas cheer, smiles, and Poppy Seed Bread! Mom was an amazing gem to make all that bread, and Anna and Mary worked hard on creating beautiful cards to go with them.

I encourage you, if you have children old enough to sing, start this tradition! It’s worth it.


Ellie came this year. She was on pretty high energy mode. Out with all her fave littles and going to new places!
Praying before we began

Anna managed to work with all the little ones and somehow keep track of who could ring the doorbell next. It wouldn’t be too neighborly to have the bell rung 5 times!

Liddy liked Jesse to carry her around.

Such a good-looking couple! And Ellie looks like a natural with them.

The Maxwell Family–LOVE you ALL!

Quite a bunch of littles!

Calia was totally into any house that had an animal.
After our main caroling, some of us drove and caroled to some other friends.
And then Monday evening, a small number of us caroled to others in a different neighborhood.

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you
good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”
Luke 2:10

33 thoughts on “Caroling, A Long Lost Tradition”

  1. Your blog brings such joy to my heart!

    Merry Christmas to you all and Gods riches blessings!

    Love, Cecile

  2. Looks like fun! In Australia, caroling is very rare. Most people would shut the door on you. At least around our area. Its sad. I also got your book yesterday Sarah. And my 14 year old daughter. (Also named Sarah) cant wait to read it. πŸ™‚

  3. How fun! Our family has caroled a few times, but nothing consistent…might have to change that!

  4. I always enjoy this post. Every year when I see your “caroling” post, I begin wondering how I could get some folks together to do this the next year. So far I haven’t but I’ll keep praying about it.

    Calia and Storm would be besties. Storm is ALL about the pets!

    Such cute little kiddies. I love them all. Love the girls long hair.

    At first glance I thought Melanie was expecting!! haha! Then I quickly noticed the little head peering out.

    Keeping up with “who could ring the door bell next” was a full time job for Anna I’m sure!! That cracked me up!

    Thank you for the beautiful post Sarah,

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Maybe next year you can get a group together! I know. Anna and Mary are the girls to handle a job like that with the little kids. I love watching them work with the kids!

    1. So we’ve found it best to sing 1 verse of a song and then close with We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Sometimes, we’ll do 2 verses if the occasion calls for it! πŸ™‚ Our normal song is Joy to the World, but about 2/3 of our stops through, we changed it up and sang Angels We Have Heard on High.

  5. Hello to the Maxwell family from Paris,

    What a wonderful tradition and a good looking family ! This tradition of caroling is Anglo Saxon and when I was in London yesterday, I have listened a lot of caroling in London streets. I France we sing Christmas song mainly in church during Christmas Mass (not sure of the word) candle lights, Jesus birth in the barn and God words are my favorite time of the year.
    Enjoy Christmas time !

  6. We just went out caroling yesterday with our homeschool group and it was such a blessing. I don’t know who gets blessed more, the people we visited or ourselves. It’s just wonderful. We took soup, bread, cookies and a Bible promise book too each stop. It was so fun to see your pictures of caroling.

    1. I had a quick look online, i checked hobby lobby, home depot, walmart, amazon and christian book. Couldnt find them. Hey certainly are beautiful though.

  7. We went caroling with our church. Our church isn’t very big but it was such a blessing to be able to sing to others!
    Thank you for posting this. I enjoy reading each new post!

  8. We went caroling with several families on Monday night. I love to see how much the children enjoy it. I also saw a first the other day when I was out shopping with my daughter: We saw a Salvation Army bell ringer, but instead of ringing the bell, she was holding a hymnal and singing (very beautifully) Christmas carols. I thought that was such a neat alternative to ringing the bell. And, it turned out to be someone we knew! Merry Christmas!

  9. when i was working at manhattan i used to volunteer for meals on wheels at work. its very very sad many city dwellers especially the seniors doesn’t have food to eat. i am glad your families baked some cake for your neighbors & caroling is definitely a lost art … have a merry christmas to your whole family…i am going to my mil for christmas & on jan 1 i am hoping to celebrate my birthday

  10. What a wonderful tradition you all have. One year our neighborhood got an open trailer and set bales of hay in it to sit on. We rode around and sang Christmas carols. Another year we gathered and walked around and sang. People were so surprised and pleased. It has been awhile so maybe we need to do again!

  11. Great pictures! What a wonderful way to bless your neighbors! It’s great to involve the children as well as they learn to develop a sevant’s heart for Christ. Also, I also thought that you guys were dong a stealth announcement for Melanie until I realized her bump must be Benjamin….but hopefully soon! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. We’ve had caroled come carol to us the past couple of years. It certainly brings Christmas joy, as I’m sure it did to those you caroled to. We’d love to carol, but we don’t have enough people in our family only six, and the two youngest can’t sing yet.

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