Two Girls and a Project

Sink drains get clogged with hair, especially if one has long hair. My sisters love projects, and they asked Dad if they could please learn how to fix our drain. So, last Saturday, with some guidance, both girls tackled the project. They will tackle about anything.


“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to
the Lord, and not unto men” (Colossians 3:23).

12 thoughts on “Two Girls and a Project”

  1. This is a very considerate action and skill to learn! Not only does this bless the members of your current household, but I am pretty sure your future husbands will really appreciate your willingness to tackle this task in the future! Great accomplishment! It takes a little gusto to get over the gunk whenever you are dealing with pipes. I am “proud” of y’all!!!

  2. we used lint trapper… our main problem is when it pouring rain our sinks get clogged… but majority of our sinks have those catchers.

  3. I have 5 girls. And all of us, minus the 15 mpnth old have long hair. I had to remind myself to take a couple of steps back from the sink before brushing. And i try to encourage my girls to as well. Or, in nice, warm weather, we brush our hair outside. But good on you girls for tackling that task! What a blessing.

  4. Ohhh this is not a fun job, unless you get to do it laughing with your sister! 😉 Good job ladies!!

  5. It’s a yucky job, but necessary. My sons’ shower drain gets disgusting even with their short hair! I’ve taught them how to clean it out because it’s part of home maintenance and a life skill, as icky as it is!

  6. Eeeewwww. Yucky. I don’t like cleaning drains. Anna and Mary are brave. My dad usually cleans the drains around air. He asks us not to let hair go down the drains, but girls just can’t help it. 🙂 (guys just don’t understand us girls, do they? 🙂 ) Anyway, I got him this cool tool (hey that rhymes 🙂 ) from Lowes (I believe), if you shove it down your drain, it’ll pull all the hair out. Makes the job much easier. 😉

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