Blessed Beyond Measure

Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle

Since y’all enjoyed random life so much the last time, I thought I’d share more again in the same style. After meeting intense deadlines, I’m enjoying a slower pace before the books arrive from the printer. I can’t wait to see them shipping out! Your response to the book has been top notch. Sunflower’s Christmas Miracle also makes a perfect gift. I’ve noticed some of you ordering two or more copies!

We’re very blessed. Life is full, and I want to give you a peek into the last month.


Speaking of intense, Mary pulled off ten illustrations and a beautiful book cover in two weeks. Coffee was a must!

Anna Marie and children made sugar cookies with the words Moody Family the day I sent the book to the copyeditor.

I really wanted my picture to look Christmasy for the book release, so I hunted for an evergreen tree in town and found one. Mary was kind to take the pictures. Doing a test photo here!

The girls finished the OCC shoeboxes the pickup week with Christopher’s kids.

Load up time!
Hmmm. Is Arnold counting the boxes?

Pumpkin donuts

Joseph’s spent many hours working at John’s house: everything from electrical to painting.

Liz and Chelsy came to visit one weekend.

Only 30 something days until the wedding, but who is counting, right?!
Calia is the cutest little helper.

Game time

A celebration run after the book went to the copyeditor (Anna was traveling, so she couldn’t join us)

Bringing in a load of wood to stock up for our fires

Anna’s been working on meatballs for the rehearsal dinner.

She’s cooking them in her smoker, and let me tell you. The meatballs are out of this world incredible!

We’re doing something a little different for the extended family’s Christmas this year, and Jesse + Mary were working out the details one Sunday evening.

One night, the doorbell rang. Look at the adorable scene that greeted us. The little kids recited part of Luke 2 and then sang for us. Super special.

The guys enjoyed a brothers’ and dad night out before John’s wedding.

We girls enjoyed chocolate-mint frozen drinks and games.

And to wrap it up, love this adorable (being silly) face!

“Whoso is wise, and will observe these things,
even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.”
Psalm 107:43 
(Can you tell Psalm 107 is one of my favorite Psalms?!)

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  1. Sarah, your posts are so inspiring and uplifting. Thank you so much for all the work you do. You blog is a joy and an encouragement to read!!

  2. Yes, these random photo blogs are fun!
    10 illustrations and a cover in 2 weeks? Wow! It is obvious now that I know nothing about this process of putting a book together. I just figured Mary would create an illustration after you finished writing each chapter or something like that. So does Mary wait until the book is finished to draw the pictures? Two weeks? That’s incredible! Can’t wait to see and read the book.
    Calia is adorable!! So cute when littles want to help!
    I know John and Chesly are for sure counting. Steve and Jesse are about to be way out numbered in the home too! They will probably start getting dish duty more often!
    Will the little’s be reciting for your annual Christmas caroling this year? They are precious!
    Thanks for this post. So much fun.

    P.S. Teri is amazing. She’s just amazing. I want to move in across the street so I could have a daily dose of her Titus2 fellowship. She’s amazing!

    1. Yes, Mary worked hard during that time. Her illustrations are AMAZING! And the cover I LOVE! Yes, Mary waits to draw until I have the chapter finalized. Writing the rough draft is only a portion of the job. Editing and re-writes takes at least twice as long as that first draft. I don’t want the illustrations to start too early, because I change things in the re-writes, and it would be sad to have an illustration drawn, and it not to work in the chapter. 🙂
      Christopher and Anna Marie have friends and neighbors they’re going around to with their little singing/Scripture thing. 🙂

  3. Wow. Looks like you are having fun! Thanks, Mary, for illustrating the book. It looks really nice!

  4. Aww great pictures, Sarah!! Cant wait to read your new book :)those coffee drinks look amazing, girls!

  5. Anna Marie does such fun things with her kids. I hope that means her pregnancy’s going well and she’s feeling good (Elissa too!)

  6. Random IS the best! Thanks for such a fun post, Sarah. Mary’s sketching is INCREDIBLE. Did she really make the book cover??
    And those pumpkin donuts, ahh!! Did you make them? Recipe, please? 😉
    I’m sure John & Chels’ house will be amazing =) So excited for them 🙂
    I wish I could taste Anna’s meatballs!
    Hooray for Christmas planning!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Mary designed the cover. I’m so happy with it! Can’t wait to see the cover in print–probably today as I’ll be receiving a proof.

      I believe the girls just found the recipe online, so you could Google Pumpkin Donut recipe.

  7. Thank you, Sarah. Yes, indeed, I LOVE the random life posts! Your pictures are beautiful, and I am encouraged and motivated by all the skills that I see you guys learning and honing – photography, illustrating, graphic designing, videography and editing, home repair, cooking… and the list goes on. and on. 🙂
    Thank y’all for your godly example and for sharing your lives with us!

    1. Clara,

      Thank you. My parents have encouraged us to learn many skills and to keep learning! It’s been awesome to see Mary take off with video editing and graphic design. Anna’s balloon art has skyrocketed too! So exciting!

  8. I love you guys so much! Y’all are so encouraging and sweet. I am twelve years old and my Dad, Mom, and two year old brother passed away this year and your blogs have really helped me get through the tough times. Please pray for me I am going to be going through some pretty big changes. I love your family so much! I have all of the Moody books and I love them I read them all of the time! I love when the twins are born! When is Anna Marie’s baby due? Her bump is so cute! I hope you have a good week!
    – Hannah W.

    1. Hannah,

      My heart totally broke when I read this. So very sorry, sweet sister! I am aching with and for you over your loss. May the Lord give you comfort as only He can. I WILL be praying for you! Glad you’ve enjoyed the Moodys. Anna Marie is due mid-February!

  9. I just love your random life posts! I think it’s because the world is so chaotic, so frightening and SO anti-Christian. It’s good for my soul to be able to click on your little corner of the world and see love, faith, family and peace on display through your photos and your words. Thank you!

  10. Thank you Sarah for all your hard work on the blog! I enjoy reading every one of them. It is ALWAYS so encouraging and refreshing but also challenging for me as a mother to be teaching my children life skills, about the Lord, ministry to others, and building relationships. Your closeness as a family is so inspiring!! I appreciate the examples from all your family. What a blessing!! Michelle

  11. I love seeing these pictures! It’s so nice to see a slice of your lives! The children are precious and growing so fast. Can’t wait to see pics of John and Chelsy’s house, and it’s so wonderful how you all help out in getting the work done. Mary’s art is very good and kudos to her for being able to get it done so quickly..and of course to you for your writing! Anna’s cooking always sounds so delicious. Have a blessed time preparing for the wedding!

  12. I love seeing everyday life-happenings! How sweet of Anna Marie and kiddos to bake the Moody cookies. We can’t wait to get the book! Mary is so gifted with the illustrations! You guys are all so skilled at many things- it is very inspiring! I’m sure lots of wedding prep going on- John and Chels look so happy. So exciting 🙂 Calia is so cute helping and Ruthie’s face is adorable. We did the OCC boxes too! So sweet to see the littles helping. That is a beautiful test photo of Mary! And I love your running turtleneck tops- where did you get them? Thank you for sharing life with us!

  13. I am so encouraged by your posts,family,books,and random life pics.I can’t wait to order your whole set soon.My two youngest really enjoy the first book we have.It sets a,really good example.I enjoy it as much as them.Would love to have the recipe for your chocolate mint drinks!Look and sound amazing!
    I love all your ideas from your family members and lo e to see how all the future marriage are blessed.You all are a,true blessing to others.
    Blessings to you all!
    Mary H.

  14. I absolutely love all these little pictures. Your nieces and nephews remind me of my little brother and sisters. I bet they’d get along great.

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