The Impact of a Personal Bible Time Habit

As I was doing back exercises early this morning, looking forward to Bible time coming up next, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to my husband. He is the one who encouraged our family years ago to make personal Bible time part of our daily habits and family Bible time as well. I can hardly fathom the impact that has made on my life and the lives of my children.

Steve has been a disciplined man who will choose to go to bed at night so he can get up early enough in the morning to have time in the Word and exercise before starting work. His discipline allowed me to be disciplined with those areas and homeschooling. Helping moms with their scheduling, I have discovered that is not something to take for granted. Many husbands live undisciplined lives, which has negative results in their families.

Dads (and young men), may I encourage you to begin this important habit if you haven’t already. Daily time in God’s Word is critical. Steve didn’t grow up in a Christian home or see this modeled, yet he’s embraced this in our home, and that impact is being seen on the next generation.

Trusting in Jesus,

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD:
and he delighteth in his way. ”
(Psalm 37:23)

6 thoughts on “The Impact of a Personal Bible Time Habit”

  1. This is a blessed testimony and helps us believe that as a wife i too are leading a life on the right path and serving him until he comes.

    Love and blessings

    Kylie M.

  2. Although we’ve had daily quiet time scheduled since our children were young, one of our sons has dedicatedly set his clock to wake before his siblings (and occasionally before his parents)to do his Bible reading and prayer time. He even started a journal on his own, recording his own thoughts and prayers about whatever he feels the Lord impresses upon him that day. Astounding perception. He is undoubtedly our most spiritually discerning child, even though he is in the middle of the mix, age-wise. When my husband was laid off four years ago and went through a very hard time emotionally and spiritually, he began diligently reading the Word every day and has not missed one day since. He now reads first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. It is not a thing in which he takes worldly pride; it has become his very real and necessary spiritual and emotional nourishment: the bread of life. I am very thankful he “sought the Lord with his whole heart,” and now depends on Him instead of me for ultimate approval, identity, fulfillment and well-being. My husband attributes his starting that daily, dedicated practice of Bible reading and prayer not to his wife, but to his son’s dedication to spending time with the Father and the growth God has rewarded in his son.

  3. This is quite encouraging. I have found that my schedule is completely what drives my having or not having a Bible time. When I keep the schedule we’ve created Bible time happens. When I go off of our schedule it almost always drops by the wayside. The schedule is key!
    Reading your words, building up Steve, is also encouraging. One of the great motivators to us men is the encouraging words of our wife. I don’t know that women know just how important their words are to their husbands. When they are encouraging, we will move mountains!

    1. A faithful husband in the Word is a huge blessing to his wife. I know you are that for your wife! I would be happy if my words and joy were an encouragement to Steve. That’s my desire.

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