Quality Sister Time

A friend of mine shared this amazing picture of her girls. They made Cream Puff Pie together, a recipe from Spring with the Moodys. I am blessed to hear how the Lord continues to use the Moody books!

The oldest sister has been a Moody reader for years, and in fact, the first time I met her, she was her little sister’s age! Now, she’s reading a chapter each night of a Moody book to her younger sister. Friday, they made Cream Puff Pie. I love to see this! Big sister investing in little sister and spending quality time with her.

So, you older sisters out there, what can you do to bless your sister? Please share your suggestions in the comments below. I want to here them! My sisters are my best friends.

Here are some of my sister-quality time hints:

  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Workout
  • Do ministry events or activities
  • Bake a dessert
  • Projects (like processing apples together!)
  • Visit a widow
  • Clean a relative’s house 🙂
  • Run errands
  • Play a game
  • Make cards (haven’t done that one for awhile)
Mary, Anna, and Sarah Maxwell after a run


“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brethren to dwell together in unity!”
Psalm 133:1

15 thoughts on “Quality Sister Time”

  1. Sweet stories & ideas! Would you also share brother/sister activities as I have 3 sons and 1 daughter?

  2. I have not been blessed with a sister, but my mom had 1 older sister and 5 younger sisters (and 2 brothers to boot!). My mom’s favorite thing to do with her sisters was to just sit around with them and talk. They could talk for hours about anything and everything. Usually they’d have a yummy snack, too. It’s such a simple thing to just sit and talk about life, but it is oh so sweet, especially now that my mom has been gone for over a year. I know my aunts all find those times much more precious now and they try to get together as often as possible, even though they are spread out all over.

  3. One of the things we loved most about the Moody books was all the ideas for recipes, ministry work, wage earning for young people etc. We have used several of ideas over the years. We even go back now and flip through the books when we remember something and want to find it again.

    I want to come be a Maxwell sister on card making day!


  4. If 1200 miles separate you from your sisters (or brothers!) A phone call, a letter, email or even a text to let them know you think about them and care!
    And of course pictures! Text or email pictures of fun times that you or they have or your newest project…be it fresh canned apple butter or a new retaining wall.
    This helps to keep in touch and stay connected with them!

  5. Sisters are such a gift from the Lord! So thankful for the two precious sisters the Lord sent my way. We’ve been a sisters threesome for twenty-five years now and it’s been such a treat to enjoy all these productive years at home together.

    A couple activities we enjoy are sister dinners (when Dad and Mom are on the road without us or on a date 🙂 and story nights. One sister writes a story piece by piece and we gather together through the process to enjoy the next part! Sisters provide great plot and editing advice. 🙂 And when one sister is a excellent artist and the other is fantastic at reading aloud, the story just takes on more life!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Sarah. Really blessed to receive your posts in my inbox!
    Love in Christ,

  6. What a great post! I think all of your suggestions could work well for sister and brother time as well. Although teen brothers may not want to make cards(what fun!) but younger brothers would probably enjoy it. It’s so very important for siblings to spend quality time together. It builds such a close bond within the family for everyone.

  7. My sister and I used to like writing pretend newspapers together. Seems silly, but we would laugh ourselves to tears with the characters and scenarios we would create (i.e. “Man Gets a Flat Tire on Oak Street; Nail in Tire to Blame” was a front-pager!). We’d haul out mom’s typewriter and type up our “copy”, paste random pictures we’d find in magazines, create ads, the whole nine yards. It was ridiculous, but some of the best memories ever. These days, as grown adults, we bring disgusting food items to one another’s homes on holidays. My latest contribution was chow mein in a can at Thanksgiving — LOL. Sister silliness is so much fun!

  8. My little sister and I thought this was neat!
    We really enjoy reading (especially Moodys), baking, playing dolls, playing games, having tea parties, and talking (and talking and talking and talking… 🙂 ) I’m looking forward to when she’s a little older and I can teach her piano, harp, ukulele, and sewing and we can play “older” games and books.
    We’ve tried to try all the recipes in the Moody books as we come to them. The other day we made Chocolate Chip Muffins and accidently left out the milk. LOL. 🙂 We were trying to figure out why they were so dry. We’re going to try again with milk tomorrow. We’re also looking forward to making This n’ That soon. 🙂

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