What is Titus2’s Most Valuable Asset to the Blog?

Our readers!

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and comments on our 11-year blog anniversary. Wow! I wasn’t expecting to receive that many suggestions and ideas. We’re grateful. We value you as our readers and want to make what we share count and be related to what you’re interested in. I’ve compiled all of your ideas into a file so I can refer back to them and work on implementing them. 

We’re excited to work through topics you want to see and how the Lord would lead us to share on them. Ohhhh. So many great ones. Some of my favorites are seeing more of the sister-in-laws and how they manage school and even the lady who said her sons have looked up to my brothers and would love to hear from the guys on subjects. This is going to be really great! Watch for a post Monday from Melanie on an incredibly relevant topic to all you moms. I can’t wait.

Thank you for faithfully reading!


This was a fun picture Christopher took of his kiddos. Life is always full of adventure!

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter,
and our tongue with singing:
then said they among the heathen,
The Lord hath done great things for them
Psalm 126:2

11 thoughts on “What is Titus2’s Most Valuable Asset to the Blog?”

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Have you thought about creating and teaching a creative writing class for homeschool children? My girls love your Moody books and have often asked me when they can write their own book series. You are an inspiration to them!

  2. Sorry this suggestion is late…did anyone suggest any one of the Maxwells blogging about their favorite hymn and why it is special to them? Thanks!

  3. I did not get to comment on the anniversary post…but one thing I would love is if you all would write a book on prepping and entering into a courtship/betrothal and all that surrounds that topic, even up to marriage. Our family has heard wonderful sermons from S.M. Davis and Dr. Ron Williams on these topics. My husband and I really agree with S.M. Davis and Ron Williams on these topics because they back everything up so well with the Bible. One thing we have noticed is how different families vary in their approach. Some couples would call what they are doing a courtship, but yet, it seems very much like modern dating (at least to some degree). It would be great to get Steve, Teri, Nathan & Melanie, Christopher & Anna Marie, and Joseph & Elissa’s personal stories as well. It would be also nice to have the other five single adults write their thoughts on the aspect of waiting for God’s mate and so forth. Thank you

  4. I didn’t respond with a suggestion on your 11 year old history post, but since have thought I’d like to know how Steve and Teri keep their marriage strong and healthy. How they take time out for just the two of them. Do they have a weekly date night, where they go out?

    I read Shell’s reply on here, and am curious to know too. Courtship? It’s interesting being a widow, dating a widower and trying to decipher what and how to do all this at this time in life.

    Blessings, Mari

  5. I think I forgot to answer the question on that post.
    I think it’d be neat to have a girls corner by the three Maxwell girls – maybe on topics like dating/courtship, friends, thoughts, good activities for girls, modesty, etc.
    I’d also enjoy more young presenter posts (y’all started that a while back – maybe some from Abby. Seeing her play her ukulele and giving tips on how to play it would be cool – I love playing my uke.
    I love your blog!

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