The Value of Life

People gathered Sunday in our city as part of a national awareness to show our love for the pre-born. Vehicles driving by showed their support by honking and plenty of waves. It’s called Life Chain Sunday, held the first Sunday of October.

We believe every life is valuable, and just because a child is small or can’t be seen doesn’t make their life less worth while. Sadly, in the United States alone, 3,000 babies are killed every day. In the name of choice and rights.

Will you stand up and be a voice for the voiceless? It takes compassion and love for these precious babies and their parents. My heart breaks for both: for the baby who should be in the most protected place in the world, and for her mama, who is drowning out her conscience to take her child’s life, the one made in God’s own image.

Before I share pictures, I can’t help but give you Anna’s plea for life. If you are new to the blog, please watch it, and if you’ve watched it already, please re-watch and let it sink deep in your heart.


“Thus saith the Lord that made thee,
and formed thee from the womb,
which will help thee …”
Isaiah 44:2

16 thoughts on “The Value of Life”

  1. Well done. My daughter was born with a minor defect which was picked up at a scan. It is now fixed and she lives a perfectly happy life. However I came under a lot of pressure to consider termination and ended up having to ask them not to raise the issue as it was being mentioned at all my follow up appointments.

    Her older brother has a more severe disability which wasn’t picked up on a scan and I am so glad that it wasn’t , I dread to think what pressure I would have been put under, but he is as uniquely created and cherished by God as any other child.

  2. I saw people in our city doing this as well on Sunday.

    How do you explain abortion to the young children in your family? I have an 11 and a nine-year-old and we have not explained it to them. It is one of the many awful things happening in our world today and they have heard the word but have not asked about it. I see that the young children in your family are holding signs and are part of this event. How do you explain on their level?

  3. To encourage your readers: Our family also participates in the Life Chain in our city every year. This year a young women who had been thinking about having an abortion approached one of the Dads in our group and asked him if he would adopt her baby. He said that he would and they gave her the information to one of the Women’s care centers we support. Even for one life it is worth it.
    God Bless,

  4. Perhaps a church could hold a seasonal “new mothers and families” potluck (not just on mother’s day). Open to all families (no judgement on how the child was conceived) with new life. Do offer an mini aCapella singing book, ways to study bible and godly-lifestyle encouragement to share how to walk in safety and healthly living with the Lord 😉

    *I know an anabaptist friend who fell into unwedpregnancy and repented due to kindness.

    Such an event should not have to cost a lot of money or be in a fancy location.

  5. Love that the little children were involved as my brother in-law who does a lot of pro-life work says that seeing young children especially babies make people think twice.

  6. I loved Anna’s plea. She put it so well. I almost cried the first time I watched it. I’m glad y’all do that for the unborn. I’d like to as well.

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