What Do Face Painting, Balloon Art, and Photography Have in Common?

The answer is the Maxwell sisters! The Lord opened up doors to minister with a local church Sunday at an event doing those three items for them. We love working together as a team, and this day was no exception.

The church invested a lot in making it a great time for families and kids alike. I really appreciate their hearts for others.


The church graciously found a spot in the shade for Mary, which ended up to be the porch of the church office. Perfect!

Talk about a cute pair! And wow, what an adorable balloon creation.
My primary lens was enroute back from warranty work, but the Lord blessed even without my mainstay!

“Trust in the Lord, and do good;
so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.”
Psalm 37:3

9 thoughts on “What Do Face Painting, Balloon Art, and Photography Have in Common?”

  1. You all look so happy to be serving. I’m sure the folks you were ministering to saw Christ’s love in a sweet way at this event.

  2. How wonderful that you al were able to use your talents to serve others. The children look like they are having so much fun! What a great way to minister to them!

  3. You three are very talented!
    You are all great of examples of Christian young ladies.
    By the way, I love Mary’s hair! 🙂

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