Random Life

Life is full of sweet times. From ice cream with a sister-in-law, to picking apples and then processing them, to walks with the nieces and nephews, to ministry with family–we are abundantly blessed.

May we treasure each moment the Lord has given us!


Summer walk with lots of great company
Celebrating Melanie’s birthday

Apple processing!
Cleaning the slide
Grandpa and Drew playing trains
Jesse’s birthday
Talk about lots of little helpers!

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1

9 thoughts on “Random Life”

  1. Lovely post and pictures, with a great message!
    Out of sheer curiosity: when you process apples, what do you make? I am trying to find a recipe for something besides applesauce.
    Thanks for any suggestions!


    1. We processed about 38 cups and made a lot of it into apple pie filling that we froze. I think Anna found the recipe off AllRecipes or some place like that! I also made an apple crumb bar that first night, and my sister made two fresh apple pies.

  2. My niece once made some really good Brown Betty. She’s away at school now. Otherwise, I’d ask her for the recipe. But there are plenty available online.

  3. So many fun pictures!! Love all those birthday unwrapping helpers. 🙂 <3 That's a lot of apple processing happening. Sounds delicious!!

  4. Y’all have such nice family times. It reminds me of our family times. I can tell you’re at Dairy Queen for Melanie’s birthday. We went their twice recently because I had some gift cards from perticipating in summer book writing contests.
    P.S. – how’s Anna Marie’s baby? And your book? I’ve finished my book and will get my copy tomorrow! I’ll find out if I won the contest next month. 🙂

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