Labor Day Family Activities

Labor Day afforded some great family times.

How sweet is this? Grandpa and Drew mowing together!

Monday afternoons are normally aunties’ playtime, and the girls decided to go ahead with it. They have a craft project going on here.

Often on holidays, we’ll have a special meal at our house. The extended family is invited, but not always is everyone able to come.

Labor Day, we did a barbecue.

This was super cute. Tina helped Drew get all buckled into his highchair, and I loved Drew’s grin.

Ruthie loves to wear other’s flip flops around when given the opportunity.

Christopher’s kids have become very close to Ellie since they’ve watched her for me recently.

Anna and Benji
Bible time

I love seeing the kids as they learn to read the Bible. Joshua, who is only 5, is doing amazing! I think that might be a great future blog post, tips on what has made Bible reading easier for the little ones.


“Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out
your heart before him:
God is a refuge for us. Selah.”
Psalm 62:8

15 thoughts on “Labor Day Family Activities”

  1. Great idea also could you do blog post on adults also reading bible easier . Which bible do you prefer niv or king james

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Lovely photos and family time.
    Yes that would be a lovely idea, we all love to read the Bible and want to help our children do the same.
    God bless

  3. I love the flip flops (or “blip blops” as my nephew calls them) that Ruthie is wearing. Would you please tell me what brand they are? Thank you.

  4. I would LOVE a blog post on tips that make Bible reading easier for the little ones! In fact, any little things that are helpful to mommies of little ones! Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that makes such a difference.

  5. I love seeing all the grandchildren interacting with their aunts/uncles. Such fun, and making memories they’ll carry with them forever.


  6. Beautiful pictures and special family times, what a blessing from God. Does Anna Marie make all of her children’s matching clothing? Thank you for sharing your family with so many and encouraging other families.

    1. Yes, Anna Marie made the outfits you see in the Labor Day photos. Generally she doesthe sewing for matching things but occasionally she finds them at thrift stores. She is quite a good seamstress. She can take a men’s t-shirt and cut it down for a little boy so that Joshua has a t-shirt that matches his daddy’s.

  7. I would love to hear more about doing Bible Time with very young children. Certain Bible passages can be scary for little kids. Do you save those passages for when they’re older, or do you have some strategy for helping the child work through his/her fear?

  8. I would love a post for kids on Bible time too! What translation do you use? I use the ESV.
    My little siblings love tractor rides with my dad just like Drew.
    Tina helping Drew looks like my little sister Joyanna helping my little brother Joshua. They’re two years apart. We need a bib like Drew’s for the littles in our family!
    My little siblings love wearing me and my parents shoes. We have yellow box flip flops too.
    I love Ruthie’s dress!

    1. Alanna, sounds like life with our grandchildren is much like life in your home with your younger siblings. What a blessing the Lord has given you. We use KJV.

  9. A blog post on Bible time with little would be great! My older 2 children (8 & 6) are super involved and loving Bible time. But my 3 & 2 year old have a hard time. So any advice and tips would be very helpful!

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