Gather Your Supplies

I like to be productive, but I can also be a procrastinator. For me, in addition to scheduling, there are two keys to avoid procrastination. First is putting the need on a to-do list—and gathering the supplies to complete the task.

Here is a case in point. Several weeks ago, I discovered a button on the floor that had come off my sweater. I put the button on a shelf where it wouldn’t get lost. Four weeks later, I still hadn’t sewed the button on the sweater. Then I wrote “mending sweater” on my to-do list. Still, I didn’t do the project because I didn’t have the necessary supplies gathered—needle, thread, scissors, button, and sweater to make it a quick, simple project.

One day I simply collected the supplies with no plans to actually do it. Within 24 hours, however, because I had everything to sew the button on, I completed my project. I like that level of time management much better than that nagging feeling accompanying procrastination.

Is there anything you are procrastinating concerning? Have you put it on your to-do list? Have you collected the supplies to do it? Do you have a time slot in your schedule to accomplish the things on your to-do list?

Trusting in Jesus,

“The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of
the diligent shall be made fat” (Proverbs 13:4).

8 thoughts on “Gather Your Supplies”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this: it is extremely useful to have a to-do list, and to gather the necessary supplies.
    It allows you to be self-accountable, and seeing the items of your list being marked as “done” is very rewarding!
    My resolution is to be more consistent with lists and with tackling projects I might not necessarily find amusing.

  2. Great thoughts Teri!
    I think it we also tend to convince ourselves we dont have the time, that it will take too long etc etc. When in reality, more often than not, we do have time, and it probably only takes 5 minutes to complete. Thankyou for that little nugget of wisdom.

  3. Your post today spoke to me. I am quite the procrastinator. Then in my head the task becomes even bigger than it actually is. I started to make lists so I could check the tasks off one by one as they are completed. I feel like I accomplish much more with my lists. Thank you again for your post!

  4. I find if I have all I need I hit the task running, however if I don’t, it waits just like your sweater:-) Teri, I have been following you for years, thank you for your ministry to women. Now that you have finished home educating do you still follow a schedule? You have probably already addressed this, but I am not sure I remember reading it. Thank you again!
    Much Love,

    1. Yes, I still follow a schedule, but of course, it is different from when I was homeschooling. My schedule varies more from day to day, and I have bigger blocks of time available.

  5. My son’s work pants have been pinned and the thread on the sewing machine for a month. I guess the one of the problems is the ironing on my sewing chair. I so want to finish the curtains for the bathroom that has been painted for 6 months. So, I guess besides having materials assembled, their might be some obstacles? But, you have inspired me. God Bless You

  6. Good encouragement. I hate wasting time. 🙂 I have a planner where I write what I want to do for a day or week and check the items off as I do them and the days off as they pass.

  7. Thank you for your helpful tips. So simple that it’s hard to understand why we procrastinate! The tasks take much less time than we imagine them to! I always ask myself, “What is the next step I need to take to move this task along?” so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. What a rewarding feeling accomplishment is!

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