It’s Been 11 Years

August marked Titus2’s 11th blog anniversary! We’re extremely grateful for YOU, our loyal readers. We’d love to hear from you in the comment section as to topics and ideas you want to see covered in the future.


John grabbed a selfie in Colorado when I was working with my camera to get it arranged right for a family photo.

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God
continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.”
Hebrews 13:15

75 thoughts on “It’s Been 11 Years”

  1. Thank you to you all too, for blessing and encouraging us all along this path by sharing in the things you do and for being a inspiration to us all!
    God bless,

  2. Congratulations on 11 blessed years of blogging, dear Maxwell family! And well done, Sarah for your many years of faithful service, documenting your family’s life with stories and photos.

    I would like to see more “day in the life” posts, especially your own, dear Sarah, and maybe Mrs Maxwell too, now that she has moved on from homeschooling.

    Thank you for a lovely blog!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I do intend to do a day in the life of fairly soon. I might try for a day this week and then post soon thereafter! Thank you for the suggestions!

  3. Our family has enjoyed keeping up with the Maxwells for 8.5 years through the blog. It has been a source of encouragement, and brought us joy. More than once we have formed family Bible time over things posted that got us thinking and made us wonder more of what the Bible revealed in regard to those issues. We have rejoiced with you on many occassions and cried on a couple. We have held each of you up in prayer. Thank you for sharing your lives, having a heart for people, and most importantly so openly serving Him!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!! I’ve been enjoying your blog since the beginning. I believe, through meeting your family, I’ve managed to keep my faith, when a lot of times I wanted to give into my desperate anger at God, as I crumbled in overwhelming grief. You have a true blessing and gift to me.


  5. Lovely picture of you, Sarah! And sweet shot of the family. Your blog has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for your 11 years of dedication in keeping up with this blog! It has been a light and an example to my husband and me. I love the practical, day-to-day posts (well I love ALL the posts!) but it’s great to glean ideas and wisdom from how you go about your daily lives for the Lord. It would also be neat to hear your thoughts and advice on courtship!

  6. Wow. Good job Maxwell’s, keeping us updated faithfully. I’ve enjoyed reading the blog for a long time now. It’s inspiring,encouraging, uplifting, helpful, awesome. I just looked at your first blog post – everyone looks so little! I look forward to future blog posts.

  7. I’m so glad you asked this question!!!

    I’m 52 years old and homeschooling is winding down for me. I have followed your blog since it began and it has been an inspiration, a comfort and a blessing…inspiring me in my schooling and parenting, comforting me when I felt stressed or anxious and blessing me as I came to know your like-minded family, rejoicing as you rejoiced and weeping as you wept.

    As your sweet mom has left her homeschooling years behind, I’ve wondered if she might want to blog about the next phase of life. Some of the things I would love to read are…
    1) How does she stay fit and active?
    2) How is she dealing with the challenges of aging? I know she’s dealt with back pain in the past and to see her sitting on the floor playing with her grandchildren and CLIMBING MOUNTAINS is very inspiring!!
    3) Now that she’s in this different phase of life, what Bible studies is she doing? Has her quiet time changed? What has the Lord been teaching her?
    4) How does she foster and maintain her relationship with her adult sons and daughters (and daughters-in-law)?
    5) Any tips on diet, nutrition, supplements… (she always, always looks radiant!! And I mean that!!)

    I absolutely love what you and your siblings post! I love keeping up with your lives, knowing how to pray for all of you and seeing all the grandchildren come into the world and grow. Your blog is a light and shines brightly of Christ for so many people! So as far as what you post Sarah…I wouldn’t change a thing!!


  8. I’m not a grandmother yet, but someday hopefully I will be. I would love to see posts or a book from Teri on how she spends time with her grand babies and things she does to teach them about God.

  9. Ask for prayer for all the people suffering in the Texas tragedy, for Christians to pray and reach out to all the hurting people. For the world to see we are “different”. Thanks for all the beautiful pics and uplifting posts! God Bless Y’all!

  10. I believe this is my first time commenting on your blog, but I have been a faithful reader for ten years. Your blog has been an encouragement to me, and your family is a wonderful example of a godly family who truly loves the Lord and lives it out daily. I don’t have any blog ideas right now, but I hope you continue to regularly update your blog.

  11. I think it would be very interesting to learn more about how your household works, with several adult children living at home. The concept of living at home until one is married is one that I would enjoy reading more about. How do you share in the work and responsibilities of your house? Do the girls all share a room and the boys the same? How is a potential courtship established and entered into? Do you all share in the expenses of your household? Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about your ways!

  12. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while, although I’m not sure if it was from the very beginning or not. I would love to see more practical posts from Teri about getting through homeschooling and enjoying it. She is the cheerleader in my head on those hard days!

  13. Congratulations on your Blogoversary, haha!

    I’d love to hear from Melanie about her homeschooling journey. She’s got so many different ages and levels now, I’d love to know how she’s doing. Also, I know Anna Marie is just starting with homeschooling, but I’d love to here her thoughts on it, especially with so many little ones! Thanks!

  14. Happy anniversary!
    I have been following you for the past 4 years, thank you for the inspiration on my own journey.
    Could you share how things are progressing in your new season of life now that homeschooling is over? As the boys get married, how do the girls go about meeting suitable young men in a godly fashion? How are the parents adjusting to children leaving the nest?

  15. I really enjoy reading your blog. I am interested in whether or not your family follows a church calendar in any capacity. I know you celebrate Christmas and Easter, but do you do any specific preparation during Advent or Lent to ready your hearts? I also really enjoy recipe posts.

  16. Wow 11 years! Love reading your blog, so thanks for posting!

    I would like to see/read more about Melanie’s, Anna Marie’s and Elissa’s (plus kids) days as we don’t see them often.


  17. I am an avid reader and would love to hear about some of the books you have read or are currently reading. I attended to National Book Festival this weekend in D.C. and came away with a long list of books to read. Many of the authors there spoke of the importance of reading a wide variety of books, so I was especially curious to hear what Sarah likes to read, since she has published books!
    As a single in my 30’s, working two jobs and serving in my church, I love to connect with other single ladies for encouragement.
    I also head up the OCC project at our church- it’s so great to see you all involved with that!
    Blessings to your family,

  18. Hi Maxwell Family!

    Long time reader, but first comment. I started reading soon after Christopher and Anna Marie were married, loving the beautiful ceremony. I found practical encouragement and thought provoking conviction here, so I’ve stayed on.

    Congrats on continuing the blog for so long!

    I would love to see some Q&A posts with different family members. Including the sweet kids! Maybe even with reader submitted questions.

    Also, I’d love to see Teri and/or Sarah give encouragement or thoughts on navigating healthy in-law relationships, which can have tricky moments even in loving families. Your family seems to have struck a good groove. Would love to know what efforts went into establishing and maintaining that.

    And I always always love holiday and recipes posts.

    Keep up the hard work! You are certainly good and faithful servants.

  19. I read your blog regularly and even though I don’t homeschool, I’m a Christian mom of three. I would like to see blog posts from your sister-in-laws regarding how they go about their days with everything from meal planning, school work, cleaning, social opportunities for kids, and activities they do outside of the family. Each of them have valuable things to share since they’re all in different places with number of kids and their ages. My second piece of advice is that the majority of the blog posts make it appear that life is great and easy most of the time, and “real life” challenges are rarely discussed…Is there ever family conflict, and if so, what have you learned along the way? Have you all struggled with a health crisis/scary medical diagnosis, infertility, or had financial challenges? Seeing more real life posts and how to overcome life challenges within a Christian worldview would benefit the majority of readers, since life is messy and complicated, even for Christians. Sarah, you seem like a lovely young lady. Many of your unmarried readers would benefit from advice regarding the challenges/benefits of singleness and practical ways of finding a spouse — being realistic and intentional while still waiting on the Lord. Thank you for faithfully updating your blog and encouraging your readers.

  20. I have enjoyed the last 8 of your 11 years of blogging. It is always uplifting to read each and every post.
    Some topics I enjoy are…… encouraging Mom’s and Wive’s who feel as if we are barely keeping our heads above water!
    Also, we can always use ideas of ways to engage our children in ministry work in our own home’s and hometown’s.
    Another idea is children preparing for an income producing skill. You all mentioned that by the age of 12 a child should be using several hours of their time each week working on a skill. For example, Mary and her art. What was Mary doing at 12 and through the rest of her school years preparing for her future in art?
    And another, how to keep our pre-teen’s and teen’s excited about preparing to become adults, learning homemaking skills, home repair skills etc., yet keeping them from dwelling on when Mr. or Miss Right will come into their lives.

    Blessings for all you do Maxwell Family!


  21. Congratulations on 11 years and many thanks for your brilliant blog and all the time and effort you put into it. I don’t know whether there might be a blog post in this idea, but something I learnt from your blog, without it being explicitly mentioned was to see the perimeters of a project – some time ago you posted pictures of something that you worked on in the garden – before and after shots and happy faces at the end that the job was done; what I noticed was something else next to the finished project which was still waiting to be done and it made me think about my ‘too wide’ approach to things and since then I have tried to narrow down the perimeters of a project and just work on that and be satisfied at the end, even though it is no doubt right next to something else that needs my attention. This has really helped me to feel more satisfied/content and I actually think I may get more done as I divide things into more manageable sized projects rather than trying to deal with everything all at once and procrastinating. I hope all that makes sense; I’ve been meaning to thank you for ages for the inspiration you gave me by leaving some work undone next to a finished project, so a big thank you 🙂

  22. Wow!! Praise the Lord. 11 years is quite a long run blogging/encouraging. Thank you for all the work you put into it, Sarah! It’s been a blessing to me. 🙂

  23. Hi Sarah,

    Love reading the blog, but here are some topics that I would love to see covered.
    -A new day in the life of John and Jesse.
    -A series about your new book. What is it about? When is it going to be published? How to become a published author?
    -A series on the nieces and nephews. Their likes and dislikes. Their favorite books. Their ages and grade in school.
    -A guest series from Melanie and Anna Marie on homeschooling and managing their homes.
    -More stories of men buying their homes debt-free.
    -New updates on the family ministry.
    -Maybe do an update a day for a month.
    -A series about the mission trip that John, Anna and Mary went on this year.
    -A series about single women living at home until marriage. What are they doing with their time?
    -A series about shopping on a budget. Show the deals that you found.
    -More on Operation Christmas Child.
    All the best.

  24. I love your cheerfulness. Honestly, if it were not for the fact that you have documented horror stories (not really but you know) from “Just Around The Corner” I’d think y’all were a bunch of fibbers. But no, it’s just the grace of God at work in you. Hooray! That gives such hope.

    For blog topic suggestions, I echo Johnna B but that’s because I have slightly older kids now and I am sucking up all kinds of ideas. I’d also love to see Teri look back at “little kid” stories, compare what she did then with what she knows now, and see if she’d offer the same advice, different tips and tricks, etc. Hindsight might be bittersweet for her, but for us it’s just extra wisdom! I’d also love to know what you do to encourage The Finding Of One’s Mate (honestly there is just no title for that topic that doesn’t sound twee) and I mean, specifically what are you currently doing to help your adult children find mates? And if the answer is “not much, actually” then I’d like to know that, too! ‘Cause I’m nosy. And I’m praying.

  25. What an edifying blog this has been over the years! It takes time, effort and creativity to do something like this for so long…not to mention a sincere interest in and concern for families. As our sons have grown up with the Maxwell men as their “long-distance” mentors, so to speak, it would be of benefit for our guys to hear some things from your five brothers, maybe once a month. Your dad does a great job for dads, but our young men have often asked things like, “I wonder how (insert N’s, C’s,J’s,J’s, or J’s name, handled this when he was my age,” or “I wonder how they feel about not going to college. How did they handle it when other guys their age were all getting ready for it and leaving home and they weren’t? Do they ever wish they HAD gone to college?” “Do they still get together as brothers now that some are married?” “How do they handle questions from others about still living at home (and liking it that way)?”

  26. Thank you all for all you do! I am a fairly new reader but really enjoy reading about your adventures. Pretty much all I would like to see is listed in other folks’ comments, especially the “day in the life” of anyone who is game for it. I would also love book reviews/suggestions and more family favorite recipes. I’m an avid reader and always looking for recommendations, and I’m trying to become a better cook with some special signature dishes (I know Anna has some up her sleeve!) Blessings to all!

    1. Thank you for commenting. A Day in the Life of Sarah Maxwell is coming next Monday! Good ideas plus the recipes too. I need to work more on that side of blog posts.

  27. Like so many others have said, I love the “day in a life” posts. I would love to see those from any members of your extended family who are willing to share their lives. I would love to see how the men of various ages go about earning a living, leading their homes, spending time with their families, etc.; I’d love to see how your daughters-in-law manage their homes; I have enjoyed the posts you’ve shared on the ones still living at home, and would enjoy seeing that subject revisited over time. Most of all, I’d love to see Teri address the issues that are relevant to her life at this age. She and I are in the same age range, are both finished homeschooling our children, and are both still at home instead of being in the job force. As various challenges pop up for me, I would love to hear from someone who knows what I’m going through and is also trying to meet those challenges God’s way.

  28. I would like to see more discussion about courtship and marriage from your family’s perspective. How decisions are made to enter and exit courtships, what the criterion is for your family, and the process to marriage. Also what the expectations are for a child who fails to marry. Long-time reader here (since just before Susannah was born) and now have children of courtship age. Helllllp! Thanks!

  29. Congrats on 11 years! As the mother of a 19-year old man, I would be interested in reading about courtship & marriage ‘prep.’ And, as a 49-year old (yikes!), tips on aging gracefully would also hold my interest. Mrs. Maxwell makes it look so easy!

  30. Congratulations!! You have been a blessing to me and my family. God bless you for your teachings!!

  31. Thank you for not growing weary in well doing! As I am an “older” mother in my mid 50’s with home schooling teens and have 3 sets of elderly parents that we care for who have moved from our home city – 2, 3 and 4 hours away, receiving some good examples of self-care, that is, balanced living physically, spiritually, socially and mentally is always welcome! I admire y’all and praise God for people who live AND share their faith for the edification of Our Lord and His People!

  32. Congratulations! 11 years is a lot of hard work and your endurance is commendable! As a new blog reader, I have a list that could go on forever of what I’d love to learn from sitting at your feet … however, here’s a few suggestions (although I am very interested in many of the other suggestions presented by others):
    – rather than a whole day overview (although I do enjoy those), a detailed look at how you go about a certain task (thank you for your mentorship already!!);
    – how does Steve’s family bible time look now that the family is grown;
    – who or what helped shape your journey as a homeschooling family or other major decisions (other than, of course, God and the bible). A reflection on mentors, resources, etc that influenced you;
    – some favourite blog posts through the years, a little trip down memory lane;
    – how does your family stay safe on the internet;
    – and our nightly battle, bedtime for kids sharing a room. 🙂

  33. Just keep on doing what you are doing! Your blog is such an encouragement to me. My husband is not a Christian, so our family life does not look like yours. But I do love to read about what things are like in the Maxwell home. I would be interested in hearing about your family Bible time – do you read the Bible aloud, then discuss? What is the format for your Bible time? Do your married sons follow this same format for their family Bible time? Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us on this blog!! I do try to limit my time on the internet (thank you, Teri, for helping me to learn to schedule and prioritize my time) – so taking a peek at your blog is truly a treat for me. A little something to look forward to when my tasks are done! ?

  34. Your blog posts are such a blessing! I would love to see the girls cook, and i love seeing anything of the little kiddios!

  35. Wow! Can’t believe it’s already been 11 years!! Hard to believe Titus 2 forums have been gone that long! Golly, I love that you are still blogging! I love being able to still keep up with your family and Am always encouraged/challenged! Thanks for sharing all you do!

    As for ideas:
    – I agree with seeing the SIL’s routines/challenges would be awesome. Being in a new season with younger kids again, and girls, at that, I’d love to see more of what their routine and schedules look like. 😉

    – I also love the posts where you reach out to others or have others over. Gives me ideas.

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