Maybe you’ve noticed, but we tend to have a heavy-activity day and then a lighter rest day.

Thursday we took slower. We went into town again, some got coffee, and two went for a run. Then, in the evening, dinner, Bible time, and packing our bags for the next day’s adventure. That truly was quite a hike. Can’t wait to share about that next!


Anna bought Mary and me donuts. Delicious!
Jesse caught up on some work (and sorry, Jesse, we cluttered his table with our laptops and such when we went shopping)
Walking around town

“Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means.
The Lord be with you all.”
2 Thessalonians 3:16

6 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. Hello to the Maxwell family,

    It is good to slower things also in vacations. We did it when we were in Boston walking at leisure pace around the city. I love the bond you share with your siblings. Have fun end enjoy your stay in Colorado. Tomorrow, I going in “Le Louvre” in Paris to look at beautiful historic artwork..

  2. Oh my! Mary looks a bit sunburnt. Ouch. Hope it goes away quickly. May have to put some sliced cuxumber on it. ?

  3. We’re going to d the same thing on our vacation on October – heavy activity, rest, heavy activity, rest, etc. Our “heavy activity” would probably qualify as rest in the Maxwell family, though. 🙂

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