Kroenke Lake and Browns Pass Hike

We decided to go for a new hike Wednesday. Kroenke Lake, which is 8 miles round trip, begins at the Harvard/Columbia trailhead. A local told us Kroenke is pronounced like Cranky!

The day proved to be another dream day temperature wise. The tall aspen and pine trees graced the forest, and occasionally the trail would take us next to the stream. You wouldn’t believe the assortment of topics covered as we hiked. Everything from deep spiritual things to stories.

Love that sunshine coming through the trees!

I thought this looked like a lovely meadow to take the girls’ picture. Well, looks can be deceiving. It was extremely marshy and mucky!

Jesse’s boots after going through a mud bog.

Arriving at the lake!

The advantages of waterproof boots abound.

The immediate Maxwell family

It was right about now that Dad brought up the fabulous idea that we could hike up over the ridge. Jesse, who is our ace navigator in the mountains (he seems to know all the names of the 14ers and passes and such), began to work through details. Sure enough, he even had a map on his phone.

Dad and Mom

So, we decided to go on an adventure. Dad and Mom would go back the way we came, and the rest of us would head up on over the mountains, down to the pass, and end up at the Yale trailhead. Jesse guessed we would be ready for pick up between 3-4.

We took a trail and began climbing at a steady pace. You’ll see the lake above.

Mary, Jesse, John, and Anna stopping to let me grab their picture.

Then, we hit the views. Amazing, beautiful, stunning.

At the pass! The storm clouds looked impressive, but they didn’t come our direction.

A group selfie before continuing.

The trail actually joined up to the Yale split off, so we had a great view of Yale!

We found a 14ers truck in the parking lot, so we got a selfie with it. We’re so grateful for all their work on the trails!

A soak in the mountain stream was just the thing after a hike.

We were excited to see our ride show up a little before 3:30. Jesse’s estimate had been nearly perfect. We arrived at the trailhead about 3.


PS – We are safely home tonight and will update with more pictures of another adventure from Friday!

“Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things;
so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”
Psalm 103:5


7 thoughts on “Kroenke Lake and Browns Pass Hike”

  1. Hello Sarah and the Maxwell family,
    Wonderful pictures as always. I am just going home in Paris, France after 2 weeks in beautiful and historic New England. Our next vacations will be in… Colorado next year hopefully. You have inspired us. The American great outdoors seem so awesome. God bless you

    1. Virginie,

      Thank you for commenting. I love your comments! That’s awesome you’ve enjoyed New England! Colorado will be a great next year adventure!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love seeing the pictures from your hikes in Colorado, the scenery looks very beautiful.

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