Finishing out the Birthday and a Quiet Day

We finished out Mary’s birthday with pizza and ice cream—her choice for dinner. So delicious!

Dove chocolate caramels for Mary (I like to give a bonus birthday treat on birthdays: I gave this to Mary the night before)
We girls closed out the evening with a game of Settlers.

Tuesday we took as a quieter day. We girls went on a great run outside of town on a trail. I have to say the scenery is incredible, definitely not Kansas scenery. I’m not sure which was better: the beautiful, bubbling stream or the mountains framing the sky?

The family caught up on work things too with the better Internet connection. That evening, we went out for dinner at a great little steak place. The funny part is they literally only serve steak (well, almost). Meaning you don’t have other menu choices! The steaks come in several sizes and are very reasonably priced. You get a salad, a side of bread, and a baked potato. A highlight was having the same waitress we had last year and greatly enjoyed, and she’s a believer.

Next up will be Wednesday’s adventure, which turned out to be more than we had planned on.


“Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits.”
Psalm 103:2

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  1. We love Settlers! Did you know that there is a Junior version? My seven year old wants to play it all of the time. He usually wins, too 🙂

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