Mount Yale, A Great 14er

I can’t tell you how amazing our time is here in the mountains! And the weather. I’m still marveling. We’ve not had a year with such perfect weather for quite some time.

Anyway, Monday morning, Mary’s 21st birthday, we set out for Mount Yale. The temperatures allowed for just a light jacket to begin with, which is totally perfect.

Mary, Anna, and me

We enjoy talking while we hike, but sometimes quietness is just the thing too. Eating is essential to keep the energy going! 

You might even have multiple pictures going at once.


Look at those puffy clouds!

It’s hard to describe the feeling one has watching the sun hit the surrounding mountains with its cheerful rays as you hike.

This is how deceiving distance can be when climbing. I’m actually pointing to Mt. Yale! But we were still a long way off.

It’s also a fun past time to keep track of hikers who are ahead of us on the trail, and see what progress they’re making, or to chat with them in passing.

We’re very grateful for all the work organizations have done on the trails (like Often, steep sections will be easier because of switchbacks. Here the family is climbing up the switchback before the saddle. After a break on the saddle, we begin the final ascent.

You can’t see the summit in the photo as it is behind this first rock formation.

The last stretch is bouldering. Basically climbing over large rocks. The nice part about this summit is these rocks are stable.

Jesse on the summit!

Beside August 21st being my sweet sister’s birthday, this year was also known for the big solar eclipse event. Christopher kindly gave us those special glasses to wear, so we each stuck one in our packs. Up on the summit, other hikers thoroughly enjoyed our glasses too and were often borrowing them to check on the progress of the eclipse. I have to say those glasses weren’t made for fashion: but they do the job! As the eclipse progressed, the shadows changed, and the light dimmed too. We can all agree that experiencing the eclipse on the mountain really was a highlight!

You honestly can’t see anything else with those glasses beside the sun!

Junior Mints are the best summit food!

My parents are incredible, hiking a 14er!



Our family on the summit.

The birthday girl!

Coming back down, we took our time. Even though storm clouds built behind us, we didn’t get caught in a storm. Such a blessing!

I said fuel was essential. Energy bars (such as Clif bars) are great, but hey, snack mix is really great too, oh, and those mini York mints!

Anna and me

All in all, Mount Yale is a great 14er hike!

More adventures coming. Stay tuned.


“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers,
the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”
Psalm 8:3-4

11 thoughts on “Mount Yale, A Great 14er”

  1. I will bring along some Junior Mints for my next summit! 🙂 Safe travels and thanks for sharing God’s beautiful wilderness!

  2. I am so enjoying these mountain post (since there is not even a hill in sight where we live). Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. How many 14ers have you all hiked over the years?

    1. So glad you’re enjoying them! The number varies based on the family member, but most have done at least 12+ 14ers, and then some have been “re-done” like Yale multiple times.

  3. That looks like fun. I’d love to hike a mountain some day.
    It looked dark in the morning.
    The eclipse was neat. I want to see one to totality some day. We saw the one on Fox News in OR. That was cool. The neat thing is that in 2078, I think, there will be one in New Orleans to totality on my Dad and sister Abigail’s birthday. 🙂

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