Birthday Celebration and Saturday

I realized I hadn’t posted pictures of Mom’s birthday evening. We had enchiladas. Super delicious! 

Mary’s lettering always takes the cake.
A new apron!

Friday evening, some of us played foosball and table tennis.

Intense game going on here.

Moving right along to Saturday. We planned for it to be a quieter day as we’re likely going for a 14er Monday (also Mary’s birthday!).

John and Anna made us breakfast.

Playing a game while waiting for breakfast

After breakfast, we enjoyed pond time.

Then, we went into town. We girls love to run, so we had a delightful run along the river and beyond! After we were done, we soaked our feet in the river. Super refreshing.


After volleyball Saturday afternoon.

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord;
and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”
Psalm 1:2

4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration and Saturday”

  1. Love to read about all the activities you all do. Makes me want to go climb a mountain if only i could. 🙂 Happy Birthday to Mary. Could Anna write a post on how she menu plans and preps the food for so many people please? I need some guidance on preparing ahead for 10 people bible studies and not fear running out of food like before. Hope you all have a great trip

  2. Y’all have such a sweet family.
    I love Mrs. Maxwell’s apron. Did the girls make it?
    What game were y’all playing? Playing pool was one of the highlights of our vacation last year.

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