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Two years ago, Sarah wrote a stellar blog post about reading through the Bible in a year. It motivated me to read through the Bible yearly. Before that, when I read my Bible, I read for a half hour with somewhat of a planthrough the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and start over. Every three or four years, I read through the whole Bible. Because of Sarah’s blog post, I decided to try consistently reading through the Bible in a year.

We are usually challenged to read through the Bible in a year starting on January 1st. I didn’t want to wait for a new year, so I began on July 14, 2016 and finished on June 5, 2017. I commenced again on June 6. I keep track of it in Evernote on my computer. I like to put dates in my Bibles, but Bibles don’t hold up like they used to, and mine are regularly needing to be replaced.

Back in Genesis again, I was reminded of noteworthy details of creation that I forgot from the previous reading like God creating light and darkness on the first day before there was a sun, moon, or stars. I am intrigued that He created grass, herbs, and trees on day three when the sun wasn’t made until the fourth day.

I read about Abraham sending “his eldest servant of his house” back to his country for a wife for Isaac. I was drawn to the prayer the Eleazar prayed and God’s answer to it.

Anyone else do yearly Bible read throughs? How many have you done? When do you start?

Trusting in Jesus,

This is my great-great-great (or more!) aunt’s Bible who was a missionary. She marked her read throughs!
So sweet to see her markings of each time she read.

“For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for
our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the
scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4).

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  1. There are so many Bible journaling supplies out there, that are super creative. I’ve seen Bibles formatted so that you can take notes on the side. I’ve also seen lots of journals out there that help you keep track of what you are reading. My favorite is a faith planner (it’s like a daily planner, but with a Christian focus) that you can plan what you want to read each day over the course of year. Then you can take notes on what you read each day! There’s also sections for keeping track of prayers, what you’re grateful for and things you are working on being content about. Plus, you can easily go back and look through your past thoughts and prayers and see how your understanding has changed over time. There’s also some very pretty faith stickers to make the planner pretty and creative. I’ve struggled with staying focused when reading in the past, but this has helped me so much because by letting me be creative in my worship. I have done two planners now!

    1. I like to use cute journals from the store for my Bible journaling. I have quite a collection now from over the years. Some are quite plain. Some have beautiful covers and Scripture on each page. I think it is great that your planner/journal has helped you be focused with your reading and that you have completed two of them!

  2. My favorite way to read the Bible through is in chronological order. (I actually found 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles interesting!) I do remember reading the Bible through twice in one year during the lowest part of my depression. His Word was my rope that I held on to for dear life!

    Thanks for sharing, Terri. You are a blessing.

    1. I’ve been working on reading the Bible chronologically. It’s beautiful to see God’s story unfold this way!

  3. I am on my 6th straight year of reading the Bible through in a year. I start each January and use a Bible reading plan on the Bible app on my tablet. I rotate plans each year and Bible translations each year, but I pick up my tablet and read my Bible before getting out of bed each morning. I found that if I get up, too many distractions await my attention, so I read God’s word every day before my feet hit the floor.

    I have my great-grandmother’s Bible, and when I looked at it several years ago, I saw that she had marked in the back of her Bible where she had read through the Bible every year for over 30 years! She was saved at age 40, and the following year started reading through the entire Bible each year, and the only reason she stopped READING was because her eyesight became so poor. So then she started listening to the Bible on cassette tape, and continued until she went to heaven. I have sweet memories of visiting with her during my childhood, and she always had her cassette player sitting on her bed, where she was faithful to listen to God’s word every day. I hope one day my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids can say I was just as faithful.

  4. Our family uses the Bible reading plan from the MacArthur Study Bible, which reads through the Bible in a year. We also highly recommend the MacArthur New Testament Commentary series.

  5. Oh, Teri!!! That’s beautiful!!!! I have my grandmother’s Bible and she would put a different kind of marking around the chapter number each time. For example, she would circle the number and next she would put an “x”. Then a check mark and so on. I think putting the dates on there is so neat! Especially for future generations to see. 🙂 You have now motivated me to read through the Bible in a year. 🙂 Have a blessed day!! 🙂

  6. What a special Bible to have. I love the one I have from my grandparents but tend to use a different one for day to day use for the reason you mentioned. I don’t want to hurt the delicate pages.

  7. Yes, I am surprised at how short a life-span Bibles have now. I use my Bibles daily, but these two only lasted 13 years. One of them I used most of the time and the other less often. Since they both began losing pages at the same time, I wonder if it was materials not use.

  8. We also read through the Bible in a year. This is the second year for Greg, Phillip and I. We start in January and this year we decided to all read the same plan and Amelia joined us also. We decided to also memorize 26 verses around a theme. This year it is heart verses and next year will be the fear of God. We keep track of daily reading and Bible verses on a 5×7 bookmark I printed for everyone.

  9. I am 35 and have been doing it for many years already that it is an ingrained habit, for which I am thankful. I learn and notice new things still. It has been difficult at times, since I have had eight children in thirteen years and sometimes the daily reading seems too long, but I just have learned to make time for it (for
    me that means reading in the morning and night). I don’t want to forget God’s words, and there is a lot in that Book! I follow your suggestion, Teri, and write out a few verses that stand out to me.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  10. That’s precious to see a legacy of godly example almost a century ago! What a treasure and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I started reading through the Bible several times and came close to it once, but never finished. I also started reading through it chronologically once but didn’t finish. Right now I read Psalms and write whatever God tells me in a journal.

  12. I read through the Bible every year – this is my 11th year doing it! My dad starts my siblings and I reading the Bible once we have started 2nd grade; the first year we read the NT, and then every year after that we read through the entire Bible (we follow a basic 4 pages per day – it varies depending on number of pages in different Bibles).
    It’s wonderful, and it often actually turns into a race to see who finishes their Bible first, haha 🙂 Some years, dad has gotten everybody a treat once we’ve all finished.

  13. What a blessing to have a family members Bible! I love seeing old marked up Bibles! Means someone was actually using it! I’ve read through the whole Bible a couple of times in chronological order. Really helped me to see a lot. I enjoy doing it in 90 days as a challenge to really focus on spending time with the Lord and getting a bigger picture view. Then spending the rest of the year going where the Spirit leads…. I’m currently reading Sweet Journey and have been encouraged to be even more diligent about my time in the Word. So this is a very timely post for me!

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