Leavenworth County Fair: Days 3, 4, and 5

We finished out our final three days at the fair and came home feeling very blessed at the opportunities. We’re also grateful to the family who pitched in to help at the booth and give out cards while the girls worked.

Mom chatting with a lady in line
Joseph handing out cards
Christopher came up Thursday night. This was his invention to get a balloon from the ceiling.

I figured out Anna and Mary (each) spent approximately 27 hours twisting balloons and face painting over the course of 5 days. Children and parents alike were grateful that these items were offered at no cost. How many things in life are free?!

Here are some things I noticed about:

Balloons: These were especially popular with the boys, but tons of girls wanted them too. They literally smiled from ear to ear as they left with some amazing balloon art. Anna frequently had two lines watching her: those in her balloon line, and then the face painting line often did too. In addition, children would gather around her, as she sat on the floor with them and made them animals.

Face Painting: Some children had never had their face painted, and the joy they showed was priceless. Parents especially loved watching their kiddos get a face paint, and sometimes I would smile to myself as a group of adults would be gathered around Mary, ooohing and exclaiming over what she was doing. So many wanted their faces done, from the parent holding her one-year-old, to teenagers, to the parent herself!

We made new friends and most importantly, shared Jesus!  We also had many opportunities to learn more about people and just love them and lend a listening ear.


The butterfly was a popular one among the girls.
An audience
Happy kitties!

Love those little noses.

When the children saw their faces for the first time, it was pretty priceless!

Calia came one night with Joseph and Elissa
One of Mary’s new “designs” is a beard, and so this little guy wanted one to match his dad.
Loved this little guy’s relaxed pose.
Okay, so I have a super-soft spot in my heart for sweet dogs.
Anna, Jesse, and Mary


The girls took a much deserved-break Saturday before they finished out the evening.
I loved assisting at the booth. I tried to keep orderly lines. 🙂

“Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ:
that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of
your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving
together for the faith of the gospel.”
(Philippians 1:27)

20 thoughts on “Leavenworth County Fair: Days 3, 4, and 5”

  1. It’s just so wonderful to see all these photos but to hear of the joy you have given, and received. Such an incredible way to show love and kindness to people and to share Jesus with them. I hope there were many open hearts, as you so boldly used this ‘open door’. Enjoy your rest, Cate N.

  2. Your face artistry(painting) and balloon art skills are extremely impressive! I know you are focused on staying at home but I would HIGHLY encourage you to look into marketing yourselves in this arena as a side job.. As a parent of 3 and former PTO Officer/Chair I know the demand IS out there for these 2 areas. From small private parties to large corporate events, I cannot imagine that you would not be able to easily create a following.

  3. Dearest Lovely Maxwell Ladies and Gentleman, You are all precious in sight of our wonderful God! When I have the time I always come to your blog for such sweet encouragement! We think you are all so wonderfully gifted! And it is wonderful to see that your desire is to give God the Glory for your gifts! Granted, we do not know you intimately/personally. However, from reading your blog and your parents books, etc. We honestly feel as if we do know you a little! If the Lord ever allows or permits us to meet here on earth, we would be honored and overjoyed to embrace you all with Godly affection! Your smiles shine bright for Jesus! My children want to come to the fair now! We would if we weren’t in Va :o)!You give this Mama encouragement to persevere in this dark sinful world! Love to you all in Christ Jesus!

    1. Our family seconds this comment! Love and God bless from Maryland to all!

  4. Wow, wonderful photos! Great job at documenting the event, Sarah! I can see so many were blessed by everyone’s efforts. How special! And the dog is cute too, just needed an Ellie friend! 😉

  5. Incredible! Your balloons and face painting are so far above ordinary. I just can’t believe the amazing quality!! Wow! What a great way to witness. I would love to replicate this with our family someday in Michigan! Did you have any resources you used to help you get so skilled (besides tons of practice, obviously! )

    Monica C.

      1. I would love to read a post on how you learned! Y’all are talented with both the facepaints and balloon animals.

        You could do an online video course!

  6. The face painting is amazing! My son is interested in what your doing and was wondering what type of paint you use and if there is an idea book you use? Thanks so much and what an awesome way to spread Jesus!!!!

  7. We are amazed at the face painting and balloons a wonderful way to outreach with the love of Christ.
    What kind of tracts to you give away, do you use different ones for different ages?
    Would be nice to see a picture of them.
    Many thanks,
    God bless and love to all

  8. That is so nice. It looks like the kids loved it. I’d love it myself! 🙂 😉

  9. You girls are so talented. I’d like to learn face painting and balloon art too! Then maybe someday I can use it for His glory too ?

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