Ellie, The English Cream Golden Retriever

Last year, I asked what y’all thought Ellie would weigh when she’s full grown. Now that she closing the gap to 2 years, I thought I would answer that question.

Ellie weighs 62 pounds. 🙂 So from my original blog post, Stormie and John (from Claire’s family!) were the closest guesses. Good job!

Update: I’m excited to announce Ellie will be bred! For more information on puppies, see this link.

Ellie and me on a walk
A pretty cushy life!

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast…”
Proverbs 12:10

13 thoughts on “Ellie, The English Cream Golden Retriever”

  1. Yipeeee says John!
    Was it really that long ago?!
    She looks so soft and beautiful!

  2. Hello Sarah,

    Not much a puppy now 🙂 Your dog is very cute and seems very kind too. I am sure you have lovely time with her.
    Have a nice day

    1. I know! It’s hard to believe she’s really not a puppy, but she has still has a nice amount of energy! 🙂 She’s very sweet and loves to follow me around!

  3. Oh Storm is excited about being one of the “winner’s”. She’s hoping the prize will be a visit with Ellie one day. ?? Beautiful dog!


  4. Ellie is beautiful! It’s funny how these animals truly become our furbabies and apart of our families. I have 2 furbabies in my home and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

  5. She is so big and so cute! What are some of the biggest pros and kons to having a dog?

    1. Those are two big questions, Alanna! 🙂 Hmmm. The biggest pros would be a sweet companion who follows you around and is extremely loyal! Also, I take her on walks a lot, and it’s been awesome how many “doors” of conversation she has opened. Sometimes it takes us awhile to complete a walk when I stop and talk to neighbors. Cons would be leaving her on trips or even if we do a day trip, that doesn’t work too well unless an extended family member can watch her for me.

      1. Neat! I would like to get a dog some day, but my parents aren’t too keen on that idea. 🙂

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