A Saturday Project

We’ve had this green “stuff” growing on our white siding for a little while. Actually, I’ve noticed it on multiple houses in our area (hint: a perfect entrepreneur side business!), and it greatly detracts from the house. Dad figured it would take bleach and using our old bus brush to get it off. Jesse and the girls offered to tackle the project Saturday. I loved watching the transformation! The dirty, green grime left with each brush stroke. Anna spent a lot of time cleaning our deck furniture too.

This reminds me of how diligent we must be to keep our hearts pure and unspotted from the world. Sin easily creeps in, and it grows and corrupts our heart and makes it dirty. When we repent, and ask the Lord’s forgiveness, our hearts are washed whiter than snow. What a beautiful picture!

Happy Monday! Please keep us in your prayers as the fair starts tomorrow. I’ll be sure to share pictures and reports with you.


Jesse and Mary
Cleaning grime off our deck furniture!

I couldn’t resist adding this picture. Mary painted Drew’s face Saturday evening, so she could add this sample to her face painting notebook for the children to choose from. She has an awesome variety!

“Wash me throughly from mine iniquity,
and cleanse me from my sin.”
Psalm 51:2

8 thoughts on “A Saturday Project”

  1. Great job getting rid of the mold/moss(?) on the house. You’re right it’s a great business venture for an entrepreneur; I paid a university student, offering his services, last summer. This summer I’m on his list to paint my trim. Sweet young neighbor earning money, working around the neighborhood, while he’s home for the summer.

    Mary, Your face-painting skills are superb. I know the children you create designs on will be thrilled to have, not only the experience of meeting you, but to carry your beautiful work on them throughout their day(s). Very exciting.

    Blessings, Mari

  2. Drew’s face paint design is way too cute!! Way to go on the Saturday work. It was a HOT day!!

  3. Great face painting skills! Love that!! More fun than scrubbing the outside if the house too! Whew!! Bet that was a job!

  4. I loved the spiritual analogy Sarah. And Mary did great painting Drew’s face. How long does it take her to paint one face?

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