A Good-Bye Ice Cream Party

Our long time neighbors of 13 years are moving. We will really miss them! They’ve been great neighbors. Anna and Mary sprang the idea of a “good-bye” party, so we made things easy and just did an everyone-brings-ice-cream-except-our-guests and hosted it in the backyard. What could be better than dessert?

We had an awesome time talking and the little kids played, and of course, lots of ice cream was enjoyed!


Decisions, decisions.
Drew wanted his cone separate from his ice cream. 🙂

Love Benjie’s smiles!

“Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens;
and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.”
Psalm 36:5

7 thoughts on “A Good-Bye Ice Cream Party”

  1. Your family are the best neighbors ever!!!! How sweet lol get it to do this for them! I didn’t comment on the post below- but beautifully said Jesse!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Shana. Doubt we are the best neighbors ever, but we do enjoy having good relationships with our neighbors!

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