A Pitting Party

Try to say “a pitting party” several times in a row. 🙂

A neighbor blessed us with loads of fresh cherries yesterday, so after dinner, we had a pitting party. Yep. Such a blast! Lots of good times as we talked, laughed, and let our competitive streak shine through to see who could do the most.

The best in-house tool we’ve found is using a straw to remove the pits ( stainless steel straws worked top-notch). We’d love to hear your best advice on how to remove pits in the comment section below. We still have some left, and I’m sure others would benefit from reading your pro-suggestions!

I love my family, and I love spending time with them.

Anna looks like she has a kabob going.

“The wise in heart shall be called prudent:
and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.”
Proverbs 16:21

21 thoughts on “A Pitting Party”

  1. Several years ago we were also blessed with cherries from a neighbor. We found them very sour and they did not work in any of the baking recipes we tried. We ended up drying them all in our the dehydrator and they were awesome that way. We enjoyed them over the next year in Trail mixes and in other recipes that called for dried cherries. Enjoy yours, I hope they aren’t as sour as ours were!

    1. I am glad you found a use for yours. We were eating them fresh last night, and enjoying them so I think they are going to be good.

  2. Well, our family has an actual hand held cherry pitter, which works beautifully. But, we only have one. It wouldn’t make sense for you to own six of them! =) Sorry, I don’t have any creative ideas – I’m spoiled with my cherry pitter. =)

    I’ve actually seen ones that supposedly pit four cherries at once, but I’ve never actually used one like that…

    I’m very curious what you will do with all the cherries? When we pick cherries in July, I usually make a pie, and maybe a cobbler, put some in smoothies, and just eat the rest fresh! Or freeze some…

    1. The first thing we do with the cherries is to make a pie for the neighbor who blessed us with the cherries. He did the same thing last year. Then we are going to do what you have done with them – some fresh, pie, cobbler, and then the rest in the freezer for another day. We haven’t tried them in smoothies. That a great idea!

  3. You have my mouth watering … our cherry season doesn’t start until next month. 🙂

    After spending hours and hours each year pitting cherries one by one with a handheld pitter, I purchased the “Leifheit 37200 Cherry Pitter with Stone Catcher Container.” Wow!! What a difference. My time was cut drastically and I could fly through a huge bowl of cherries in no time at all. The only word of caution is to watch carefully so that a pit is removed each time. Sometimes I would go too fast and miss a pit. Once I started checking, that problem was greatly reduced. All in all, it was worth every penny I spent and now I look forward to cherry season!

    After we pit our cherries, we spread them out on cookie sheets in a single layer and place them in the freezer. Once they are frozen, then we bag them. We find that works much better for us, as then the cherries don’t stick together in a big lump.


    1. Thank you for the freezing tip. We have done that when we buy fresh strawberries in bulk and freeze some. We put a couple bags in the freezer last night but the rest for the freezer will go on the cookie sheets first! The cherry pitter sounds perfect.

  4. A metal straw is my favorite tool for removing pits. They work well for strawberries too!

  5. When I lived in Ukraine many years ago, I learned to pit cherries with a paper clip. There are short YouTube videos on how to do it. It is quick and easy.

  6. The best way to pit cherries! Pop one at a time into your mouth, eat it, then spit the pit out! I personally like my way of pitting cherries best.
    If I were pitting cherries more would probably find there way into my mouth than into a dish.
    By the way I did try to say “a pitting party” several times in a row as you said to try. However it came out as “a pity party.”

  7. My family was similarly blessed with our neighbors’ grown-in-the-front-yard strawberries!

  8. We used to have a cherry tree and when it came time to pitting them we used paperclips and found they worked great.
    Then we would freeze them in zip-lock bags of 1-2 cups each. That way when we needed some for pies later we didn’t have to thaw all of them.

  9. I’ll have to try the straw method. They look delicious.

    What do you all use the vinegar for?

    1. The vinegar bottle is what we put our home-made salad dressing in. We hadn’t cleared it from the table after dinner before the pitting started.

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