Twins’ Picnic

Why do you think picnics are so special? It seems like almost everyone loves a picnic.

I read books to my children when they were little. One was The Twins’ Picnic by Mary Landis. As a grandma, I now put that book in the bag I take over for reading time with Nathan and Melanie’s children. When Abigail, who is 9, was little we discussed how much fun it would be to have a picnic like the twins’ picnic and act the story out.

We started that before 2013 because I have notes in the front of the book for that year with a special notation to check out the start year by looking back through our blog, although I have never actually done that.

We plan a day for our picnic, and I collect the supplies. On the appointed day, we start by reading the book.

Then I assign a character from the book to each grandchild, making up some new ones since there are more grandchildren than book characters. I narrate the book, and they say and act out what their character does.

I make notes in the front of the book to remind us of the previous year — things like who was old enough to participate, who played which character, and what we ate. We like to vary the menu just a little bit while still staying true to acting out the book.

I (Sarah) who took these photos for Mom got a kick out of this scene. Drew felt the need to hold the apples above his head to keep them from Ellie. LOL.

This year we had the picnic on our front porch for the first time. That was a cooler, shady place for us.

Our twins’ picnic is a simple activity for me to do with grandchildren, but it is one they enjoy and look forward to each year.

Trusting in Jesus,

“He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of
righteousness for his name’s sake” 
(Psalm 23:3).

14 thoughts on “Twins’ Picnic”

  1. What a sweet idea! We own that book – I am going to look for it and read it to my daughter again – it’s been a while! All of those books I believe are written by Mennonites – they are all such sweet and wholesome books.

    1. Yes, there is a whole series of those books in the Rod and Staff catalog. Those particular ones are for preschoolers. Maybe you will decide to have a Twins’ Picnic too!

  2. It always does my heart good to read your posts. To know there are still close and loving families in this difficult world we live in.
    Although my own family looks nothing like yours, I love them – but I still appreciate knowing families like yours are still around.
    Thank you for sharing your lives! I believe God will continue to bless you for your efforts to lift up other families.

    1. Thank you, Michelle, for your encouraging words. I am glad we can mutually encourage each other even though our families would look different from each other. We are grateful for the sweet relationships we have with our children and grandchildren.

    1. I hadn’t realized she had your scarf on Lydia. We have certainly all enjoyed them. Can you believe that the girls still have their scarves? When they wear them, they play in them so those scarves have much greater risk for damage than our adult ones do.

      1. I am so glad yall have enjoyed them! Well, they must be pretty sturdy material if the girls play in them! I may be sending more this year, give them some others to play in!

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