Life is Always Precious and Equal

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Dear Maxwells,

Being pregnant while also scared to have a baby is not an easy situation. I would like to know, what do you do to support women in such situations? Do you volunteer to help local single mothers who accidentally got pregnant and are struggling with their baby? Even if they are not Christians? What about pregnant women who themselves have serious health issues (for example cancer), making it difficult to carry a baby to term, are you reaching out to them? Would any of you consider adopting a baby from a woman who was assaulted and got pregnant, and did not want to raise the child? — Annie


To me, your questions come across as representative of many throughout this country who attempt to justify abortion. You mention that being pregnant while scared to have the child is not an easy situation, but that makes it sound as if the burden of guilt that a mother carries after ending the life of her child is easier. Just the other day a woman told me, with tears, of the guilt that she still had many years after her abortion. The pain doesn’t go away nor does their God forget the life of their child. Just because raising a child is difficult does not and cannot make it right to end her life.

One example I use is that those who minister for life at abortion mills are like a person who desperately tries to flag down drivers who are speeding toward a collapsed bridge. It seems to me that whether that person was able to get in the vehicle and drive the person on a detour is irrelevant to the fact that there still is danger ahead. That said, we take part and are surrounded by a group of people who care for the lives of the unborn and each of us fulfill various aspects of meeting the needs of mothers (regardless of their faith). Still, there are far too few of us: would you be willing to join?

While it may be an inconsequential detail, there is no such thing as an unplanned or accidental pregnancy. Man-made intervention does fail at times, but every person is wonderfully and intentionally made regardless of whether her parents were surprised or not.

To concisely answer your questions: yes, we reach out to all the women who seek to abort their child regardless of the difficulty of their situation, their health, or under what circumstances the child they carry was conceived. This is because we seek to love our neighbor as ourself.

It is interesting to me that you would make it sound as if abortion could be acceptable for a woman who had a grave health issue. I suspect you would also consider a firefighter, who risked, or even gave his life to enter a burning building to save someone else’s child, a hero. In the same way, shouldn’t the mom with a serious health issue be encouraged that the life of her baby is worthy of being saved, too, even if her life is in danger?  

While so many attempt to devalue the role of a mother, the truth remains that there is no greater commission. Getting help is not the concern, as it is certainly available. It is the recognition of life and the consideration that all are equal, regardless of their age, that is most essential.


“And of some have compassion, making a difference.”
Jude 22

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  1. Thank you young man for addressing this issue with God’s wisdom. You did a nice job addressing all the issues Annie asked you about. I am 55 and don’t think I could of concisely articulated the truth as clearly as you did.

    1. Marilyn,

      Thanks for your comment! I too was beyond blessed by Jesse’s words! Very well articulated! 🙂


  2. I faced a grave health concern with my last pregnancy and was advised to abort to save my life. I refused, and here is my reasoning. Any (well, most) mothers would do any number of things to save the life of their “born” child: running into traffic, jumping in a river, donating blood or an organ. Even if it meant risking or sacrificing her own life. Why wouldn’t I risk my life for the child I carry in a pregnancy? There is no difference. And what message would I be sending to my other children that I would kill their sibling to save my life? A mother’s responsibility to her child doesn’t begin at delivery. It begins at conception, and even before because a woman’s body is uniquely made to conceive and carry a life. My pregnancy was hard and challenging, and the delivery was traumatic. But I have a 7 yod now who is my reward for being faithful. However, if the pregnancy had ended in her death or mine, God would be no less faithful. His way is perfect, even in tragedy.

  3. Thank you, Jesse! May God richly bless this message and use it for His glory and purposes.

  4. Excellent response, Jesse! The root issue always comes back to the fact that an unborn baby is a human being and is always worthy of protecting! I often notice how none of these issues come up regarding children that are already born (whether to end their lives because raising them is difficult, or their parent is scared, or they might put the parent in a situation where the parent might give their life for their child, etc). It is beyond me why these same reasons are considered as justification for killing the baby just because he is still in the womb.
    Thank you again for your encouraging post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, you’re so right! There’s never a reason to end an unborn baby’s life!

  5. Such a beautiful post! My 19 year old daughter is not married and 24 weeks pregnant. I especially loved this part…”there is no such thing as an unplanned or accidental pregnancy. Man-made intervention does fail at times, but every person is wonderfully and intentionally made regardless of whether her parents were surprised or not.” I can’t wait to meet my first grandbaby in September!

    1. What a loving and supportive mom and grandma-to-be. Thank you for sharing your personal perspective.

  6. For decades we have been involved in women’s help/ care centers. We just opened another one in our area. They are usually located near a planned parenthood or abortion clinic. I love the stories of the workers at these clinics about when a women mistakenly walks into the care center instead of the abortion clinic and choose life. A woman who thought she didn’t have any other choice. These centers offer ultra sounds, counselling, childcare classes, help finding prenatal care, adoption information. My daughter loves to knit and is constantly knitting baby blankets for the centers.

    Women make mistakes looking for love in the wrong places. They need love and compassion from us Christians. These care centers are all over the country. When they move in they often put the abortion clinics out of business. We give out baby bottles at churches to fill with loose change. We have baby showers to collect things for baby that are needed. There is so much being done and they need everyone.Because of all the pro-life activities the number of abortions have gone down dramatically. By educating people as you are doing and giving women a real choice in choosing life great strides have been made, lives have been saved.
    God Bless You

    1. Dear Nancy,

      I volunteered in one such center for a few years. What a blessing it was, not only to the women who came and found out they did indeed have other options, but it blessed my life. We don’t have as many in my area and I am always hoping more come in-they are needed!

      Jesse, well done with your response.Many times I feel as Christians supporting the right to life, we are put on the defensive with these questions. The person asking is usually looking for a way to trip the Christian up, make them feel as if they have not done their part. Your answer was gracious to this lady.

      Bless you all! I have been reading your blog for longer than I care to admit…LOL! Before gray hairs:-)

  7. In 1973, my mother had a five year old and a five month old. She was dealing with health issues that began during her second pregnancy. She found out she was expecting again, but when she went to her doctor, he immediately advised her to have an abortion to save her life and her health and allow her to take care of my two brothers. My father, who was not saved at the time, basically said, “Thanks, but no thanks; we’ll find another doctor.” The next doctor said, “This child will be one of the greatest joys of your life.” My mom and dad went forward, and I was born healthy in February of 1974. Plus, my mom’s health problems greatly subsided, and she’s still doing well now at the age of 72. God saved my father when I was five, and both of my parents have been two of God’s greatest blessings in my life. I am thankful they chose life – my life. I can say the same for my grandmother (my mom’s mom); she had fourteen children, and my mother was number nine.

  8. Dear Jesse,
    Thank you for your beautifully written response. The Lord blessed our family several years ago by allowing us to adopt two boys (not related) through Covenant Care Services (a ministry in Macon, Georgia that helps women in challenging pregnancy situations). Our son B’s birth parents were married, however B’s birth mother had many health issues (which led to a 2 week hospital stay and a blood transfusion prior to B’s birth) and his birth father was unemployed at the time. I am sure an abortion clinic would have provided their services to end B’s life. However, for B’s birth mother, abortion wasn’t an option and she chose LIFE, even if it might cost her her own.

    J’s birth mother was 17 when she became pregnant, and she had no support from J’s birth father and little support from her family. She could have easily ended J’s life at an abortion mill, but she chose life for J over ease for herself.

    Because of these 2 courageous, selfless women, who are heroes to our family, B & J have brought much love, blessing, and joy, not only to our home, but to friends, family, etc.. Only the Lord knows His plans for these 2 precious lives. You are right, Christians need to do more for the unborn and needy in our midst through prayer, volunteering at abortion mills, assistance to pregnant women in difficult circumstances, adoption, foster care, and finances to Christian ministries that support LIFE. Through prayer, service, and God’s almighty power, abortion clinics will be stopped.

    Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and the unborn!

    And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40

    To Him be glory!

  9. What a well-articulated reply, Jesse! Our most recent pregnancy (with baby number six) gave me the opportunity to understand what it’s like to be in a ‘crisis pregnancy,’ and I’ve developed a great empathy and compassion for women feeling crushed by the weight of their difficult or unexpected pregnancies. Our little boy (later named Joel Daniel) was discovered to have Trisomy 13, which is almost always fatal, but he was strong enough to make it to 35 weeks before passing on to Jesus in utero and then being born still. I can remember exactly where I was standing in the pitch blackness of the night – at about 16 weeks pregnant, shortly after learning of his terminal condition – when the overwhelming reality flooded my soul that I would most likely be carrying him to term. Our family received equally overwhelming support from our family, church community, caregivers, and even total strangers and NO pressure to abort, not even from the medical community. But many women in similarly ‘dark’ circumstances have little to no support and MUCH pressure to abort. Oh that all of us would be a life-line to expectant moms in crisis to help them find Christ – the ultimate source of the great courage they need to carry their little ones. Thanks for your post!

    1. Gwenyth,

      Thank you for your testimony! What a sweet, sweet story of how the Lord carried you through with your little guy. He gives grace even in the deepest of waters.


  10. Really appreciated this answer. The example of the firefighter was really really great! So true!!! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Amen, Jesse! That was great, thank you for sharing! You and your family set such a great example of wholehearted service to our Lord! God bless you!

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