A Day in the Life of Mary Maxwell

We Maxwell girls are firm believers in using our single years productively, learning valuable skills, and being gainfully employed.

I know you see a lot of posts about taking care of our nieces and nephews, and some have thought all we girls do is watch the littles and bake. That’s NOT the case!

We want to give you a peek into one of Mary’s typical days.

Mary’s morning starts around 6 a.m., when she rises, reads her Bible, and then prays. Following that, she engages in some intense exercise, and then takes a short walk if she has time.

For breakfast, Mary makes a smoothie and then heads to our shipping “department.” She’s very thorough and packs our Titus2.com orders with care.

Her shipping buddy!

Next up, Mary sketches a lettering design for a business.

On different days, Mary has activities with the kids or Gigi. This morning she plays with Christopher and Anna Marie’s little kids for a half hour. They often enjoy the backyard swing set and playground.

Her afternoons are spent working on design projects, learning new software, or studying graphic design. She’s also developing her lettering skills, which are coming along nicely!

“She seeketh wool, and flax,
and worketh willingly with her hands.”
Proverbs 31:13

33 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Mary Maxwell”

  1. I love these little glimpses into your days! I love how each of you are making your lives count for Christ.

  2. I love seeing these types of posts! I hope you do more!

    Does Mary sew anymore? I remember her being quite skilled at it.

    1. Yes, Mary is skilled at sewing, but she doesn’t do much lately. You can probably tell why from this post and what her time is currently invested in!

    2. I appreciate your feedback. Always looking for fresh ideas for the blog! You’ll be seeing a similar post on what Anna does and another on myself. You know. That’s a great question. She hasn’t had any new sewing projects for awhile now! In her spare time, you’ll often find her painting (as in actual pictures!), or face painting practice, card making, etc, but I believe the last project was a year or so ago? It was a super cute dress. Maybe I’ll post a picture of it sometime!

  3. She paints?! I would love to see some of her paintings sometime. Maybe a post sometime with pictures of the paintings?
    My dad and I love art, He does a lot of oil paintings, I think he has done some with watercolor, and acrylic. I for the most part do pencil drawings or ones with colored pencils, I am however working on my first oil painting and I have the best art teacher and that would be my dad.

    1. Yes, she does! Sure, I’ll do a post sometime. That’s awesome that your dad teaches you. How perfect!

  4. I also like these type of posts. I must say Mary’s shipping partner is super cute! I love Ellie pics!

  5. Love how this not only shows Mary’s daily routine but also her personality!! She’s a super productive lady. Way to go Mary!!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I hadn’t thought of the post in that light: showing Mary’s personality. But it truly does! You’re right!

  6. Very nice post about Mary. What an encouragement for young ladies who are in their adult/single years.

    We love the art of lettering and would enjoy seeing a bit of that as well.

    Thanks so much for the insight Sarah!

  7. “Day in the life” posts are always fun to read 🙂 This might just be because I’M really interested in/enjoy working out, but if you feel ever inclined to write one, I’d love to read more about what you ladies enjoy doing for exercise each day.

  8. I love this post! Thank you for sharing what you girls do because it is inspiring. Mary is so talented!

  9. Great post! I’d also love to see a day in the life of the other two sisters! Thank you 🙂

  10. I absolutely love this ! I have adult daughters at home as well and I have people that try to question us as to why they aren’t out there in the world . In a world that claims to be very tolerant – they just don’t get it.

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