Teri and Sarah take a trip to Colorado!

Yes, it’s true. I’m currently in the beautiful state of Colorado. Mom and I are attending a conference this week, and I’m extremely excited to deepen my writing skills.

We’re up in the mountains, and a snow storm is about to hit. They’re predicting anywhere from 1-2 feet! We’re thankful we’re staying at the same place as the conference, so we won’t have to drive through the bad weather.

Monday evening and Tuesday, we spent time with friends. I’m grateful to the Lord for fellow believers who encourage us in the Lord Jesus! Our time included great talks, coffee, and pizza. Mom enjoyed walking in the Colorado outdoors (my toe is trying to heal still).

I can’t get enough of the mountain scenery. It’s so gorgeous.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm over Anna’s talk! It’s had a tremendous response, and please, we encourage you to continue sharing it with friends.


Doing what the guys normally do for us 🙂
Fellowship with friends
Enjoying amazing weather before the storm hits.
Mrs. J and Mom
Laura and I

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”
Psalm 19:1

11 thoughts on “Teri and Sarah take a trip to Colorado!”

  1. What a fun trip Sarah! May snow is crazy on Colorado. One minute it is a blizzard, the next it is in the 70s, sunny, and everything is melting.

    Looks like you were traipsing through my old stomping grounds in Boulder, CO.

    Safe travels home!

  2. Looks like it is beautiful weather in the pictures! Hope you ladies have a great time together. Was that deer that you saw? Thanks for sharing,

    Deer and elk!!

  3. Lovely little downtown you two are in. I enjoy roaming around those types of places. Usually full of history along with the foo-foo shops!


  4. How wonderful to enjoy a trip together in such awe inspiring natural scenery! And the snow…way more than I’ve ever seen in Australia. Blessings to you all and thank you for the interesting and inspiring posts.

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