Content in Christ – Debt Free House – Part 2

Recently we began the story of a young man who wanted to purchase a home for his soon-to-start family. He had gained skills during high school years, had a solid job, lived at home, and saved his money. Houses were still out of his price range, but he was committed to remaining debt free so he looked at his possible options. Here is the rest of his story:

Every offer Mark made over the last several months was too low since others had more money, or an investor bought the house. We became discouraged but intensified our praying.   

About 1 week ago, we received notice of a 1700 square foot brick house that was a foreclosure, and it was only about 1 mile from where we live. The real estate agent showed it to Mark and myself (his Dad), and we were convinced it could be fixed up. The asking price was $40K below the assessed value.  We prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom. 

Mark put in a bid two days later. We found out yesterday morning that the bank accepted his bid! After he closes on it, he will have approximately $10K in the bank to start fixing up the interior. Also, since it is so close to our house, he will have minimal travel time and maximum time to spend fixing it up.

Mark waited on the Lord, experiencing many disappointments, but then was rewarded with a better house than he could possibly have dreamed of owning. The Lord is good.

“The LORD is good unto them that wait for him,
to the soul that seeketh him” (Lamentations 3:25).

2 thoughts on “Content in Christ – Debt Free House – Part 2”

  1. I so appreciate young men who want to purchase their house debt free! This is something all three of our boys have been able to do. They may not be mansions but they are paid for! They have each expressed how thankful they are not to have house payments putting pressure on them, and often the wife to work out.

  2. Such a blessing to read, I’m single (and a girl) so this is not really an issue for me as i live at home with my single parent mom. I do thoroughly find your blogs interesting especially the one’s with praises along with them. I’m just now learning how to manage money so that i can be a good steward(any tips), this blog really shows that when you trust God and let him provide according to HIS riches he blows your expectations out of the park! Thank y’all for all that you and your ministry do to help us to choose Christ and navigate this world.

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