Buddy’s Treasures

Buddy (Andrew) ranĀ into church today, clutching two pictures he’d colored, and headed straight for his first destination: Mr. Roy. And then after that, he ran for Miss Patricia. You should have heard the exclamations of delight from both his recipients.

A little act of kindness brings a sparkle to someone else’s day!

“A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth:
and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!”
Proverbs 15:23

6 thoughts on “Buddy’s Treasures”

  1. That is so sweet! Andrew did a great job of coloring. I’m thinking that picturing is probably hanging in the lady’s room now.
    I went to visit my Mom one afternoon this week just as she was arriving home from work (her retirement job in the lunch room at an elementary school in town) She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small rock that one of the students had given her. It was all they had to give and chose her to have it. Very special rock!

    Thank you for posting these RAK’s Sarah.


    Love that story about your mom!

  2. My little daughter has befriended an elderly widower in our church. He calls her his “ray of sunshine” and, through this friendship, we have got to know him better. He’s been so lonely since his wife died and is inclined to be hard and difficult with other people. Now, he stays for fellowship after the evening service and even came to the fellowship lunch a few weeks ago instead of going home by himself. The Lord uses even the youngest to bring glory to Himself.

    What a sweet testimony! Thanks for sharing!

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